Anyone else have a problem getting on the board today?

I couldn’t for the life of me get onto the board until just a few minutes ago. If I click the community button, it still doesn’t work. Anyone else have this problem?

:thumbsup: yep, there is a post in the General knitting section… I was getting around using new posts link or the knit spy… but now I can see the index and enter the forums by clicking the 2nd Forum » (this one)» Off Topic Discussions

I saw that thread right after I posted this. I was going to scamper back and delete this post before anyone saw until I realized that there is no delete button. humpf.

Go in to edit your post and I think you can delete it. Or at least delete what’s in it and the thread title…

Yeah, when you click on edit there’s a delete button.

oh well, it’s a little late now

Next time then…

Besides, I don’t think the delete button is an option when you’ve posted a new thread

We can delete it for you if you want. (the mods)

I still can’t get in when I go directly to the forum tab. What’s up?

There’s an error in the programming. Sheldon’s been out of town for the holidays and has been notified of it.

I was only able to get in via the archives.

I don’t know what you mean? You were able to get in?

If you use the index page for access, that returns the error message. You can type `knittinghelp…’ in your browser’s address bar and it should bring up a page from history that you’ve visited. From there you can click on new posts or daily posts, anything but the index and can get in.