Anyone else have a little one going to K?

:verysad: I didn’t cry, but man it is weird not having her here this morning. :verysad: I can’t believe that it happened so fast.

Yep, we do. He doesn’t start until September 5th, though. What is your daughter’s schedule? Our is twice a week, full days, until February when it becomes 3 full days/week. I agree, it’s going to be weird not having the little guy around.

I have a new Kindergartener, but we homeschool! :slight_smile: So this year I have a 5th grader, 1st grader, K and a preschooler.

You think it’s hard sending your little one to K, just wait until you ship them off to university!!! Now, that’s hard!!! I cried for 100s of miles home! That’s when we got Sally, though…she was our empty nest baby :teehee:

Yes, yes, yes…

Ds is going into pre-k. :frowning: He was in a 3 yo preschool for 5 hours a week last year, but this year he’s going three days a week. :pout:

Last year my oldest went to K, and this year my ds#2 starts K. It’s going to be so weird for me only having DD home with me during the day.

:waah: :waah: yes he starts Monday and I’m already weepy lol I have been since last Sept :rofl: I am not looking forward to Monday at all… I know I will have to get through it without him seeing me upset then come home and cry :verysad: I think my lil girl will have a hard time too…

Yep, my 2nd dd started last Thursday but DH wanted to take her (and dd #3 went along also) so I stayed home with dd#4. Taylor (dd#2) went to preschool and before that a 1/2 year of speech therapy so I kinda feel like I was prepared for it. Emily (dd#3) starts preschool tomorrow and I am little more worried about her, she went to summer school there so she knows the teacher but she went with Taylor. She has never gone to school all by herself. I am sure she will be fine but I will still worry some!

My schedule though will be a headach from now until we sell the house and move-Taylor goes to kindergarten 5x a week from 9:20 to 1:11 (weird time!) and Emily will go to presschol T,W,Thu from 8 to 11 so I am going to be running around with a 7 mo picking up and dropping off kids all morning! :doh:

:happydance: And I can’t wait to get dd and ds off to school, they start friday … however I did tear up when they each started k, ds is now in 3rd grade and dd is in 1st grade! I work out of my house so I will be WAY more productive when they are at school. but I also agree it will be strange not having them home all day with me. 1 silly thing we do is take a picture one the first day of school … it is reall fun to see the change from year to year … and then I email the pic to family that does not live close!!

We have mandatory photos in my house of DD1 getting on the bus and the next shot is me trying not to cry. DD1 is a senior this year! :teehee:

DD2 started K last year. Her first word was “bus”, so she was quivering with excitement over getting to ride one. This year is going to be different because DD1 is taking calculus at the university first thing in the morning, so DD2 will have to ride by herself. I hope it goes well.

:pout: Yup, my oldest starts tomorrow. Preschool didn’t make me cry, but for some reason I’m feeling very weepy about Kindergarten. :pout:

My oldest son is starting K this year. He’s a young 5, so he’s going to a private 1/2 day kindergarten. Same curriculum as the local public school, just smaller class sizes and a shorter day. His K teacher is the neighbor of his 4 yr teacher AND 3 of his classmates from last year will be in his class this year. I think will be a great situation for him.

So, this year our biggest change is 5 days a week this year vs. 3 days last year. Next year, I don’t know what I’m going to do! Do I send him to K or 1st grade? Do I homeschool? Do I find a private school? Is he really ready to ride that BIG school bus? I get nervous just thinking about it!

Oh, and feel free to use the crying to your advantage. My friend’s oldest just went to K this week. She had to go to the doctor’s office later that morning to request some paperwork. She told the receptionist the forms she needed and apparently the office policy requires a few weeks to provide the forms she needed. My friend started crying and saying, “But today is my son’s first day of kindergarten. We need the papers.” The office had the papers ready in minutes! Crying women get EXCELLENT customer service!


My baby started full time day care this morning, as I had to go back to work after my year of maternity leave. She’s not even 1 yet :pout:

She was really happy when she woke up this morning, I’m so glad that my DH dropped her off so I didn’t have to see the tears (and she didn’t have to see mine!).

I’m hoping to be able to go part-time in a few months - fingers crossed. They’re little for such a short time…

:hug: Big hugs :hug: to all of you!!!

Make sure you take the picture of them getting on the bus. I am one of four and we have pictures of each of us getting on the bus for the first time. They really are too cute!! The best one was my younger brother getting on the bus and my youngest brother crying because he had to stay home!!

My 5 year old started school back in March. sigh I nearly broke down in tears a few times and he did so well. They grow up so fast! I feel your pain… but it gets easier and it’s nice to have the day to yourself every once in a while. :slight_smile:

I was weepy about preschool, maybe that means I got it out of my system!! Yeah right!


Yes my oldest started K today, but I homeschool :muah: