Anyone else feel bad about liking simple knitting?

I have a non-problem. I’ve been knitting for decades, and over that time I’ve done lace, stranded color work, intarsia, twisted stitch stuff… most everything. But I have a dirty secret: I think I just want to knit plain stockinette stuff.

I like to knit while I’m talking on the phone, or while my brain and eyes are occasionally otherwise occupied. But, I’ve always made my own patterns and I’m a pretty creative person. I feel like I’m shorting myself or something.

Has anyone else overthought this ridiculous “problem” to the level that I have?


Some like knitting for the thrill of challenges, other as something relaxing. I am with you on this. I also prefer to knit simple things so my brain is able to rest from the work, but I do not feel bad about it.


I have a fondness for mindless knitting. Whether I’m knitflixing or talking or just mulling something in my mind I love having a stockinette tube on the needles. When I filled the roll of carpool lane dummy for my daughter driving to Seattle for medical treatments I would work on HOV+ (HOV lane eligible) socks. Next best is a diagonal dishrag in garter stitch. I’ve been playing with two color knitting and now with beads and a practice piece that turns into a stockinette tube to be a bag works for me! Steeked cardigans are terrific!


Nobody should feel overly self-conscious about knitting what they enjoy knitting.

Right now I’m really into making things that are somewhere in between the extremes: perhaps something that’s mostly plain but with a pattern stitch every few rows, or something with just a couple cables as opposed to all over. I find that lets me cruise through the simpler parts/rounds and make good progress but it doesn’t get so monotonous as to become tedious.


I definitely see the appeal of simple knitting! The repetitive motions of knitting can be like meditation, in a way.


Simple knitting is what I love most. To me, there is nothing more luxurious than using hand knit kitchen cloths. During the lockdown, I’m working on a “suite” of cloths that share the same colors. There’s a little striping and easy stitch patterns. The simplicity of the project eases my mind during this time of uncertainty. Be well, all!

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Hey, sometimes you just want to pick up and knit (no purls).

I thought to include some alternative lyrics for Meghan Traynor’s “All About That Bass” that should promote knits over purls but I am not a lyricist. (And you are welcome to LEARN that this way) lol

Enjoy your knitting st st guilt free. :wink::+1:


Thanks a lot. I now have dancing, singing knitting needles and yarn stuck in my head.
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
A friend likes “all knits, all the time.” He so disliked purling I decided to do something with no purls. A bag in the round worked; the garter stitch top was done with turns and kept to the all knits restriction. That was kind of fun.