Anyone else a QVC addict?

:teehee: For the last couple of months, ever since I saw this incredible ring on there, I have not been able to stop watching this channel. I’m obsessed with whats on every second of the day. Unless none of it pertains to me.

I’ve bought a few things and had to return due to the fact that they didn’t fit or look nice, but some of those prices are just incredible. Especially the One Time Only prices when the Today’s Special Value sells out, boy can you get a good deal. (Bonus: You get your shipping and handeling charges refunded also. Sweet.)

See. I do have a problem. :rofl: I just bought a ring this morning, so pretty. Although it is a round stone and I don’t care for them too much, but the other styles that I like don’t come smaller. A 2 carat diamond is waaaayyyy to big for my finger.

Okay, I’ll stop now. :blush: Just thought I’d inquire since I’m bored out of my mind at the moment.

Have a great day!!

I love QVC. I have purchased a lot of clothing from them and beautiful jewelry etc. I recently purchased cooking pans. They are the nicest ones I’ve had in the 30 yrs. I’ve been married.

Yesterday when I was out I wore a suede jacket that has beautiful embroidery on it. I had FIVE different people tell me how beautiful my jacket was. They won’t find it in any store!! :happydance:

QVC has a message board too. Some are immature but its interesting reading the posts.

I know! I went on the boards one time and read some of those posts and couldn’t believe how mean they were towards the hosts and what they looked like. Blatently rude.

I haven’t been on them since.

I especially like the demos for the TECH gadgets. I bought my digital camera and my digital camcorder from QVC. I knew how to use them before they arrived!

BTW: both my camera and my camcorder ARE A PERFECT FIT FOR MY NEEDS! :cheering:

I love QVC too. I always watch the birkenstock, bare escentuals, denim and Co, and citiknits shows. I dont’ always order stuff, but if ANY of those things are on TSV I almost always gets them. a few days ago ProAvtice was the TSV, and I’ve been thinking about trying it, soooo I got it :slight_smile:

All I can say is that’s a :!!!: fine thing they don’t sell yarn on there! Can you imagine??? :shock:

I can imagine living out of my car 'cause I blew the mortgage! :rofl:

I got 3 pair of the Denim and Co. seersucker capri’s. I saw them once, LOVED them…said, no…and then never stopped thinking about them…so I get them the next time they came around like at 5 am or something…

Also got my hand mixer there. When I heard a hubby had to buy his wife a new one because he used hers to mix grout…I knew I found my new mixer!!!

The QVC studio’s is not too far away from me (field trip)…can you have a tour I wonder?