Anyone else a little impressed by AC Moores ad today?

I am always checking the flyers in Sunday’s paper for yarn sales and every other time, if there was one, it was just a small pic of the yarn and the sale price. But AC Moore’s ad today, you open it up and 2/3 of it are nice pictures of yarn under the heading “Refresh your Stash”! It is advertising that they have more than 350 new yarns to choose from, stuff like cotton, bamboo, alpaca and felting, books, yarntainers! Hubby thinks I am weird to be impressed by this but I am! It always seems that the arts and crafts stores advertise more to scrapbookers and floral designers more than knitters/crocheters.

And if the closest one wasn’t almost 20 miles away, I would be there today…

Hey, there’s always time for a Sunday drive… :wink:

The online ad I recieved today only had 2 types of yarn on sale. I need to go look again.

Oops:oops: That’s because it was the Michaels ad not AC Moore!