Anyone dye their own?

I am using gaywool dyes, and cushings dyes, and have a couple questions about the relation between the two. Gaywool seems to have crystals of what I am guessing are citric acid (or some other form of acid). With the cushings there is just the light powder (remind me to get a dust mask!), so I am guessing that that is the reason that you need to use vinegar with it.

Am I close to right?

Also, a weird thing, but I am keeping my dye stock in mason jars. When I swirl the jar with cushings dye in it, it sticks to the glass. When I swirl the jar with Gaywool in it, it doesn’t. Is there a chemical reason for this?

What are your experiences with dying? Anything I should avoid?

I finally set up my little dying corner in the garage, so I am going to go at it full force this weekend. I’ve just recently become enthralled with the chemical aspects of all of this, so please forgive my dorky questions.

Ohhh can’t help you, but I’d love to experiment, too! One of these days!

So far I’ve only dyed with food dyes… (kool-aid, wilton, paas). Just finished this one yesterday! My first sock yarn!

I do have some “real” dyes coming though, so I’ll be paying close attention to this thread! :smiley:

Okay, this is the kind of thing DH got his PhD for! When you say “Dye Stock” is it in liquid form?

I guess it never occured to me to try to dye yarn with regular dye!!! :doh: I have tons of directions for koolaid, food coloring, jello, etc, but I never even thought to look into real dyes; Is that how Amy did her needles?

Dharma actually has some good instructions:

dyeing wool (acid dyes)

dyeing cotton (fiber reactive dyes)

Oh Julie…that is just gorgeous! :inlove: I see all these lovely dyed yarns, but have no idea how they do them like that!

Oooooh that is so pretty Julie! :inlove: I can’t wait to see what it looks like knitted up!

Julie, your sock yarn looks great!

Gaywool dyes do contain a mordant and acidifier built in…that is why it looks different than just regular dye that you need to add those things to.

i used Jacquard acid dyes on this.

I used flavor-aid and food coloring here.

I want to try new dyes, because from now on, I’m dying all my yarns… I want to have exclusive colors, kwim?

Here was my first experience dying yarn. I used Pink Lemonade Kool-Aid. The only I dyed before was a mohair wig for my doll…hehe…

That spider man statue cracks me up! The pink lemonade yarn turned out great.

I love that yarn with the Pink Lemonade Kool-Aid… I wouldn’t be able to try it though since you can’t get it here in Canada. My Pink Lemonade Kool-aid stash is more precious than most of my yarns! :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Thanks guys! Yeah… DH isn’t so happy that I use Mr.Spider for my projects… :roflhard:

Nicole~ I’m more of a ‘grape’ girl, if you kwim… :rofling:

Dye stocks are when you take the powdered (or crystalized) dye and put it into about a cup of hot water. You swish it around in there to dissolve the dye, and you have “dye stock”. You can mix the dye stocks together and experiment, and it makes for more even distribution of dye in the pot.

I love your hand dyed yarns! I actually was reading about space dying last night, and am really interested in that. I need to take a color theory class, though, because I am HORRIBLE at mixing. (which is why the majority of my wardrobe is jeans and t-shirts. Can’t screw that up. :lol:)

I’ve done the kool-aid stuff, and probably will do more, but i’m wanting to get a bit more professional about my work, and I always worry about someone buying my koolaid yarn, knitting it up, washing it, and having it fade alot. :shock:

What I learned (and don’t quote me on that…hehhe), is that Kool-Aid is actually very acid, making it natually colorfast…

This yarn I dyed with Kool-Aid went to the washing machine (in order to felt) and mantained it’s color (ALL yarns fade a weeeee bit when felted). I don’t think any hand wasing can get rougher than the “felting” process… :lol:

I’ll ask from friend who makes soakers from hand dyed yarn (including Kool-Aid) that should be the ultimate test! :rofling:

Also, I’m a sissy when it comes to professional dyes… hehehe… :blush:

Edited because, obviously, I can’t spell anymore… :rollseyes:

All of your yarns are just beautiful!!! I have not dyed yarns yet but I know I’d love them if I did. Love all the colors. :XX: :XX: