Anyone do today's crossword?

I got most of it but some of the words could go either way ya know, grrrrrrrrr I’m so frustrated but I’m so close and I want it done nooooooowwwww!!! :!!!: Help me cheat, please :pray:

NY Times?

You mean there are others? :teehee: DH and I used to do them every day but we don’t get the paper anymore. I’ve been thinking about printing out some of the online puzzles because I miss them.

Ya know I thought it was NYT reprinted in the local paper but it turns out itsnot. I guess its just some local dude. Oh well, I HAD to buy a paper today to get all my answers. Some of them were SO DUMB I would have never gotten them. You know like capitals of tieny countries in Asia or something. Or the Mayor of an Alaskan town in 1950. I mean really now. I wish they had the NYT puzzle on the internet that you could either paly on-line or print out.

You can subscribe.

ooooh! pick me! pick ME! I KNOW THIS ONE!!!

for crossword puzzle help I always go to

i have non-crossword-doers donate to yours truly their sections from the daily NYT.

but when i need a (free) fix, i go here. (they’re printable, too.)

Every day. In pen.

A confident man… :teehee:

I think you can do old NYT crosswords for free…

Ah, if you go to the link Ingrid gave, look for the “classic puzzle.” Looks like there’s just one a week, though.

I used to do the Washington Post crossline online… that used to be free, but don’t know whether it still is. There were other good free ones too, but I don’t remember what they were anymore… it’s been a while since I’ve done them regularly. :?? Gee I wonder what else could have taken up all my free time? :teehee: