Anyone do any Tattering?

I was thinking of doing a knitting project, and then I realized that what I was trying to invision wasn’t knitting, it was lace. And the last people who ever tattered in my family are long since dead, and I couldn’t find any helpful How To sites for tattering with a simple google search.

Or, at least, no sites anywhere near as helpful as KnittingHelp has been for me. :?

So I was wondering if anyone here tattered, and, if so, do you know any good sites or books for a beginner who wants to tatter? Shuttle tatter, needle tatter scares me. :lol:

Try searching for tatting' nottattering’.


I think you mean tatting. :teehee: There’s actually a lot of sites when you google tatting. :wink:

Oooh a bunch listed here!

Ah, sorry about that. My mother always referred to it as tattering. :chair:

But thank you for the links! :muah:

I have delved into tatting myself, but then got too caught up in knitting to get very good at it. All of the links from Jan are very helpful. It can be frustrating at first to get the hang of tatting, but once you do, it is lots of fun!