Anyone buy yarn on e-bay?

I know I am a horrible person for thinking about buying yarn on e-bay and I have gotten some crap by doing so…problem is I cannot afford my LYS all the time and they are limited on colors. I would like some alpaca in bright colors (myself and friends are not into itchy wool). Is there a way to know if what I am getting is the deal it seems to be?

I like the knitty store and discount yarn website, but discount yarn I have to buy 10skeins at one time…if I did that I would have to stop nagging my DH about buying misc motorcycle and trucks parts of e-bay :rofl:

Thank you :muah:

I bought some malabrigo on eBay from Cindy Majestro Fiber Arts, LLC. It was $13.00a skein, no bargain, but it was exactly what I wanted and I couldn’t find it anywhere around here.

Did my husband send you to ask this question? Before I answer, I need to be perfectly certain that you aren’t a spy.

:roflhard: a spy, are you kidding, if my DH knew that I was even considering buying more yarn he would string my up by my toes !! I have an entire box of yarn someone gave me, not to mention some wool and alpaca hanks I bought myself at a local fiber arts festival. Right now I need some alpaca in a fun color to knit a friend a smile scarf as she just had to quit work for medical reasons and is bummed.

I’ve purchased a a fair amount from ebay. I’m not the most experienced knitter, but i’ve been happy with what i’ve gotten so far. One of the downsides I did notice though, is that a lot of it is discontinued stuff, so you’d want to make sure you have enough for your project before you buy it :slight_smile:

I’ve bought quite a bit off ebay - most of it is really good.

I advise googling the name of the yarn or checking it in Yarndex to make sure you are getting a good deal on good yarn though.

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I’m not admitting to anything as my husband may read this one day, but I have a very, very reliable source that says she’s gotten some very good deals on yarn from ebay… one of my favorites… I mean her favorites, being 7 skeins of purple angora yarn for like $30.

I do it all the time. I get excellent deals on ebay.

I buy from ebay all the time too. If you find a good seller, favorite them so you can return to them. I had ordered yarn on a Saturday and it was there by the following Monday! I recommend yarnbow and needleworksonline. Both have good prices and are quick shippers with smoke free homes.

i’ve had great success as well. i usually look for good deals on the more popular stuff, like manos and malabrigo. i got three skeins of hemp from a " mbhames11" not to long ago, and she was wonderful!

regarding DH’s and their ever-watchful eye for yarn, consider these maneuvers: have your order sent to a friend that lives near you, then stash it when your DH isn’t around. or have it sent to your house, and claim you used that “gift certificate so-and-so got you a while back.” :roflhard:

I have bought yarn on ebay, and am actually looking at some more today. Also, the hubby would freak if he found all the stashes. I only let him see whats on the shelf in our bedroom.

On the note of itchy wool. I haved used Plymouth Grande Baby Alpaca and it is very soft and silky. However, I think it still has a very slight itch to it. Against my skin I actually prefer cashmere (I cannot afford cashemere yarn) or a high quality merino wool. Elann usually has some nice merinos. I like KnitPicks for some stuff, buy I do not like their alpaca yarns.


Yeah, for me too, good merino is less itchy than alpaca. The fiber that seems least itchy to me, though, is pure silk. And yep, I have bought lots of stuff on Ebay. Always check the feedback.

I buy all the time on e-bay :tap: (husband) I get really good deals but you have to be careful of the prices, sometimes it cheaper to buy online somewhere else.Check yarn stores online THEN go to ebay and find a good deals.I find a yarn I want and then check out stores Happy hunting :happydance: Stash what stash :whistle:

Be sure you look at the seller reviews or ratings. I have had good and bad luck from ebay. I once got some yarn that smelled so bad of cigarette smoke I ended up throwing most of it away. It still smelled after it “sunbathed” for a couple of weeks, knitted up AND washed!

I have bought yarn from etsy before. It’s been a great experience. Also, I look for those stores that say they are a smoke-free environment. That’s important to me.

And as for hubbys – anytime mine gets uppity about my yarn/needle costs, I just point to the vette in the garage. :muah:

Dear vaknitter!

Here are some of my FAVORITE Ebay Yarn Shops. Wonderful, quality yarns; good pricing; excellent delivery. I have several Ebay Yarn Shops on my FAVORITE SELLERS list, but I will send you my favorite favorites!


[color=green]JOJOSQUARE:[/color] (great cashmere prices!)

[color=green]CUMBERPATCH-UK:[/color] (great for Rowan sale yarns especially)

These Ebayers are also reasonable on shipping. Cumberpatch has a lot of FREE SHIPPING offers. She is in the UK, but you will get your yarn just as fast as any US yarn shop!

Hope this helps! :pout:

[color=red]CONFESSION: [/color]I have been known to lurk around in my LYS, feel up the yarn, eyeball the color codes…and go home and buy the same yarn on Ebay for half the price…I know, I know, I know…MY BAD. But, I could not afford the prices at my LYS, and needed to know what the colors REALLY looked like…and what the yarn REALLY feels like. FYI: Don’t hate on me! I do give my LYS’s plenty of business! :pout:

My name is Dollyce and I am a recovering Serial Stasher!

I too have gotten great deals from ebay. Here are a couple of my fav’s:


Mystical Creation Yarns

Both have wonderful yarn, and EXCELLET customer service.

Hi Letah from California!

Have you tried MCY hand-dyed yarns? If so, how do the colors ‘pool’?
Clumpy odd pools, tweedily distributed, or in stripes??


I absolutely love MCY’s colorways. first the colors are so pretty, and since her wool is a 65% wool and 35% silk, there is a wonderful sheen to them. Her stuff is hand spun so it’s kind of thick and thin.

All of the stuff I’ve gotten from her strips nicely, and I’ll tell you her customer service is excellent. I highly recommend her stuff!!! Also, I love the feel of her yarn.

When you get it, it does smell a little like the dye, but I think the dyes she uses smell kinda like carrots and I like it.