Anyon have a Batman pattern?

I’ve one more sweater to knit for my grandkid project. The last birthday is in September and this little guy is very particular about what he wears. He will be six! He’s quite interested in Batman and I’d love to make a sweater with the logo on the front. Have any of you seen such a chart? I’d appreciate help with this. Thanks to all, samm

There is one available here in the New section. I couldn’t link directly to it.

Thanks, Ingrid. I was able to open the picture but not center it to print. Weird. I did it on the Dutch side too. Do you know, of course you know, 'cause you are Ingrid! , if I can draw on the special knitting graph paper and have it actually work? I’m thinking I could just do that, colour the logo onto that special paper. This sounds like a weird question, since that’s what the paper is for, right? :lol: I’ve not tried it. Have you? I think that is a better question! Thanks for finding that site for me! There’s lots there! samm

You can absolutely draw it. Or, if you have a picture you can transfer it to
this site and it will create a graph for you. I found that it tends to not be as defined as I’d like, but with a little creative coloring you can get a chart.

Another idea I keep meaning to do, but forget to, is to copy the knitter’s graph paper in the gauge you want onto a transparency and just tape that over your picture. I love this idea–I should really try it one of these days. :rollseyes:

Now that is a great idea!!! I have some knitters graph paper in a book. I think for the logo I will just draw it or enlarge it and then copy it that way. It’s fairly simple, the logo, so it should be not too too hard to do. Thanks for the transparency idea! It’s terrific! samm who is having a sock attack. And who actually is thinking about working on that dratted Homespun sweater she abandoned. Must be right crazy!!!