Anybody read a book called Eragon? It’s really good…but I don’t know that many people who have read it…

Looking for some really good projects to do after my afghan…any suggestions? :x:

I read Eragon several years ago when it first came out. I liked it enough, but don’t remember too much about it…

As for your next project, perhaps you can knit a small purse or some socks for yourself…

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=darkorchid]All the readers in my family read it and thought it was so much better than the movie. And to think it was written by a 15 year old.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

[I]Eldest[/I] is the sequel to [I]Eragon[/I]. They are #1 & 2 of a trilogy called Inheritance. The third should be out sometime this year.

Here’s the website for the books.

I really liked both of them and I’m looking forward to the third.

Wow! After an afghan, I’d want to do something small and quick! Maybe try a purse or a bag.


I can’t wait for the next book!

Really? It’s not one of those deals like felicity where they thought it was written by a young girl but it turns out the woman was really 30? My son has both books and likes it. I don’t think he’s seen the movie. He reads a lot of sci fi for kids. I’ll have to ask him if he can sense that a kid wrote this book as opposed to a book written by someone older.

I could tell it was written by a kid…which is why I couldn’t finish Eragon. :shrug: It wasn’t for me as an adult, but I probably would’ve loved it if it was around when I was younger.

That makes me sad. :pout:

I’ve seen him at a book signing, he’s a rather interesting young man, he’s 19 now. Kinda old-fashioned, he likes to use pen and paper for a lot of the work.

It’s a cool story - started it on his own, his folks have their own small publishing firm, then they published it locally, he lives in MT, in some of the most gorgeous mountain country. IIRC, someone picked up a copy on vacation, then gave it to someone else and if finally got to a big agent, who got it published.

For those who couldn’t finish the first one, try again, just so you know the back story and go on to [I]Eldest[/I]. It’s much better, his writing has improved by leaps and bounds. Although, now that I think of it, I guess you could just move on to it without finishing [I]Eragon[/I], he does a fairly good job of working in the back story.

I look forward to seeing what this young man does with his writing career as he matures - and hopefully his writing will continue to mature as much as it has so far.


i read it and liked it. not a bad read at all, and impressive that he was 15 when he wrote it.

I started reading it a while ago, but put it aside for something I liked better. I do eventually want to finish it, though–if only b/c I can’t read the rest of the books w/o it! (It’s one of my quirks—I have to read series books in order.)

I read it. Didn’t really like it. :shrug:

I didn’t read the book but I saw the movie. it was alright. I liked it more than I expected to. :cool:
my stepson chose this author for a “fan club” report in English last school year. that’s when I learned Christopher wrote the book at only 15 yrs of age.
idk if he’s read Eldest yet. I’m willing to read it.

Any news on when the third book will be out?