Anybody want to test Disaster Slippers?

Many years ago, we came way too close to getting killed by the weather. These days, even far inland, hurricanes scare the you-know-what out of me. Even when we’re not anywhere near the path, I get edgy and start needing to crochet or knit something.

During Katrina I came up with the Windows Full of Rainbows afghan. This one got me so nervous last night I grabbed some friendly acrylic and had at it. It’s a verrrrry simple pattern, the kind of thing you can do if you’re terrified or just barely know how to knit or didn’t bring all your needles to the shelter with you. Anybody up for testing it for me before I put it up? Women’s size would take about four ounces, men’s large takes close to eight in acrylic worsted (becuase the men’s size is doubled). It’s possible to mix colors–my first pair is red, white and blue. Takes about two hours. I don’t have the crochet version ready yet, but it shouldn’t be too far behind.
(Mods, if I put this in the wrong section, please forgive me!)

This section is fine. I wouldn’t mind trying them as long as the don’t have to be done immediately. It might be a week or two before I could get to them.

Are you on the gulf coast or Florida?

Hi Becky!

I’m new here (well, if you don’t count lmy long-term lurker status, lol!), but I’d LOVE to try out your pattern for you. I love knitting (and crocheting) slippers and am always looking for different patterns.

So, if you still need a tester, I’m in!

Hi Becky:

I’ll try the slippers for you if you want. I have some red worsted here just laying around in my stash that I could run up into ladies slippers.

Count me in if you want to.

I have a lot of worsted weight acrylic and acrylic/wool blend. I would be up for testing your pattern for you if needed.

Hope the weather calms down for you.

Hi Jan,
I am not right on the gulf coast but about 40 miles away from it. We are getting some wind and rain from the outer most rain bands of Gustav. We didn’t leave when the 3 hurricanes in 2004 hit Lakeland where I live.

I’m in eastern Ohio. We were hit by a horrific flash flood in 1990, then got Frances and Ivan back to back in 2004 (about 12" of rain here.) That’s why hurricanes make me nervous even some 1200 miles away…they get here fast.

Disaster Slippers, copyright 2008 Becky Morgan
Free pattern, to be used as you see fit and distributed as you think wisde, but NOT claimed as your own work. I would hope you’d make a pair of these for someone who needs them at some point, or that you’d use the pattern to cheer yourself up. There has to be a use for all that neon fun fur after all, doesn’t there?

Basic, Beginner, Can’t Purl Variation
For women’s sizes: One skein of worsted weight and two not terribly sharp pencils, or a pair of #10 needles, depending on which you have
For men’s sizes: Bulky yarn OR double strand of worsted and #11 needles. The stitch counts ARE NOT a typo; these are very stretchy and doubled yarn makes them very thick and large, so you can get away with fewer stitches in the bigger size!

Cast on 24 (20) stitches and knit 40 (32) rows (20 (16) ridges.) Bind off.
Stick a needle through the ends of the rows on one side (20 (16) sts.) Knit one row.Mark the end of this row with whatever you happen to have so you’ll know which edge is the toe.
Decrease Section:
Row 2: Knit 2 together, knit across.
Row 3: Knit across to last two stitches, knit 2 together.
Repeat until you have 9 stitches left. Bind off.
Stick the needle through the other side of the work and work the decrease section exactly the same way. Bind off.
Sew heel seam. If you hgave a crochet hook, chain 64 and fasten off to use as a tie. If you don’t have a hook, use twisted cord, shoestrings, or just plain yarn. Lace the decrease rows up like a sneaker and tie with a bow at the ankle.

Variation #1: For those who CAN purl…
Work the decrease section in ribbing.

Variation #2: More complex, for those who have a circular needle, some worsted and some fun fur, boucle, or what have you. Ladies’ size large:

SOLE: CO 7 stitches in doubled worsted yarn. Work 28 rows (14 ridges). On next row, knit 2, k 2 tog, k 3. On next row, k 2, k 2 tog, k2. On next row, k 1, k 2 tog, k 2. On last row, k 1, k 2 tog, k 1, fasten off. This is the toe (I just cut the yarn, ran it through the stitches crochet-style and tied it. )

Now attach either bulky yarn or a strand of worsted and a strand of one of those gosh-awful fun furs you don’t know what else to do with. Pick up in the ends of all 16 ridges on the sides of the sole, pick up four stitches across the heel, and pick up in the ends of all 16 ridges on the other side. Hint: If you’re working with fun fur, where you pick up toward the toe isn’t going to show much, so jam the needle in wherever you can. Working in the round, knit four rows even.
Now, working back and forth, k 2 tog, knit to last two stitches, knit two together and TURN.
Next row: p2 together, p to last 2 sts, p 2 tog, turn.
When you have 18 stitches left, bind off OR, if you like, drop the fun fur and work four rows of 1x1 ribbing with the worsted. Bind off. You won’t have to sew the heel seam this time, but lace up the top sneaker-style with a crochet chain or yarn or cord or who knows what as long as it makes you happy.

Thanks for sharing your pattern. I’ve got too many things going right now to do these, but I appreciate your sharing them with all of us.

Thanks for the pattern, Becky!

I’ll start either later tonight or tomorrow morning.

Since I’m new here, I have to ask a question. Is it appropriate for me to post a picture here in the thread when I’m done?



[B]Becky:[/B] I’ll get started on these in the next day or two for you and let you know how they turn out! Do you want me to post a picture?

P.S. I sure hope the storm misses you!


I made one slipper last night and the other one this morning and I love the pattern. I really liked the ease of which the slippers worked up.

Since I’m new here and have never tested a pattern for anyone before, I am not sure if I am supposed to make comments on the pattern to let you know if I had to change anything, etc.? Not that I did anything really different than what you wrote, maybe more along the lines of the pattern being more descriptive (or maybe I just didn’t read it right, lol).

They didn’t turn out a women’s size for me, though - the sole measures 6" unstretched and will fit my granddaughter perfectly (which is great because that is one more thing I can cross off my Christmas list)! I used some yarn I had here on the bed, so please excuse the colors. :slight_smile:

If you want me to write all the details here in a post, I can do that. For instance, I used the 2nd variation and size 10.5 dpn’s.

Thanks for letting me try out your pattern - it was fun!

I didn’t have a chance to read through the pattern, but I saved it to try as soon as I can.

The slippers you made are cute, MainelyKnitting! I hate fun fur myself so I hope they can be made in regular yarn. :zombie:

Thanks, they were fun and quick to make!

I really don’t like fun fur either, but my 4 granddaughters love it! :roll: As a grandmother, we always like to please those precious little ones. I think it would knit up just fine without it, Jan. I did find that it was much easier to work with the fun fur with the ww yarn, than when I tried to knit a scarf with just the fun fur yarn… we won’t discuss that disaster, lol.

Oh, cute! Those are definitely little girl slippers!

I knit really loose and tend to like slippers to fit snugly on my size 8 wide feet, so it might be good to hint at more stitches or more rows or both, depending on the variation. I can imagine if we were really knitting these under duress, they’d be smaller because the gauge would be so tight.

I usually knit pretty much on gauge when knitting from patterns, so I’m be curious to find out what others who try the pattern knit up like. It just goes to show how differently we all knit from the same materials.

I LOVE the pattern [I](did I mention that, ha ha?)[/I]. I think I might try casting on more stitches and making them a bit larger for another granddaughter, since all of the girls love the fun fur yarn.

Thanks so much for letting me try the pattern!