Anybody order from

I came across this webiste,, when looking for
buttons for my CPH but am hesitant to order from it since I’ve
never heard it mentioned before. Anybody here order from this
site before and what was your experience?

Libbie :slight_smile:

I haven’t heard of them before, but thanks for the link! I checked the Better Business Bureau and Resellerratings, but didn’t find anything. It’s one of those things though that unless someone complains they won’t be listed, but personally I’d order from them. I’m in California though, not overseas. :shrug:

I have used them several times. The service is quick and I haven’t had any problems.

Thanks for sticking the link in there, Jan! I meant to do that…haha

Guess I’ll give them a try as they seemed to be the only ones with
a certain set of buttons I’d quite like to have!

Libbie :slight_smile:

I found just what i needed but i dont think they ship to the UK (at least not at an affordable rate, the UPS air which is what i assume it would be was $21. I cant justify $21 dollar shipping for 3 bottons that cost $5!!)
maybe if i need to get a few different types one day.

Yikes! No way would I pay that in shipping either. I couldn’t find any
shipping quotes but I was thinking, it’s buttons, how expensive
could it be? Apparently quite a bit…:slight_smile:


They have the best collection of clasps I have every seen. I LOVE their celtic clasps!!!