Anybody made "Airy Scarf"?

Has anybody made the “Airy Scarf” from Joelle Hoverson’s “Last Minute Knitted Gifts” book? I started it a while ago with Knit Picks “Alpaca Cloud” yarn, but frogged it because I thought it looked sloppy. Is this just because it wasn’t blocked? Once it’s finished and blocked, will it look better? For those that have made this scarf, did you like the end result?

Oh, and what are the dimensions?

I made several and didn’t block any of them.

I made them last year for Christmas gifts and I just knitted til the ball was finished (I made more repeats than she did.)

I used a lot of mohair yarns with some glitz and they looked great.


Never made it but it looks beautiful. Do you have to buy the pattern?

I made it twice in the recommended kid silk haze. I blocked one that I gave away, but I think the other one looks fine without being blocked first. Maybe blocking would help? Trying knitting a swatch of the pattern and seeing if it improves with blocking.

You would have to buy the book or get it from the library - my preferred method.