Anybody know anything about this scarf pattern?

The yarn show is calling it the “Carina” scarf. The shop isn’t near me, so I couldn’t go to their class even if I wanted to.
Here is the link to the image.

Looks sort of like it was yarn-dyed, but was done using 2 solids and 2 multicolor yarns.

The pattern for the scarf is in the book “Knitting New Scarves” by Lynne Barr…available at Amazon and for starters.


So pretty! I love the edging.

It’s a beautiful scarf!

The photo was to large so I resized it for you. Click the link in my signature to find appropriate sizes for the forum. :thumbsup:

I never post a picture this large when it is on my own system, however, I merely linked to this picture from elsewhere (blog). I had no control over the size without downloading it and resizing it and saving it, which I had no right to do. :slight_smile:

Is there some html code to make it display at a certain size on this fourm? I do that all the time on my web pages, but the code isn’t exactly the same here.


I had no control over the size without downloading it and resizing it and saving it, which I had no right to do.

Uhhhh, if you think you had no right to download and save it, you maybe don’t have the right to put the link in a post either. Some website owners get pretty upset about that. You could have just linked to the site and/or picture.

I don’t think they would care if it ended up making them money if she buys the pattern after finding out what it was.

Wow, that sounded jerkish…I apologize. I know if it were me I wouldn’t care but I can’t really speak for anyone else.

As one who has had her pictures ripped off time and time again, I probably should have merely put a link to it.

I have a red doe that was born and bred right here. But I’ve seen my picture used on at least 6 other web sites that are telling about angora rabbits. I have written to each and requested that they provide a link to my site, so that there is at least a chance of people knowing she was bred here. But so far, only one has complied. Of course I’m not going to sue, but it is upsetting I didn’t get any credit for it.

In this case, the blog gave no credit to the designer or book, and I wanted to know where to find the pattern, so I didn’t think the credit was all that important to the blog owner. It was a sitcky decision, but I went with it. Of course there is always a “net police” person on every group who will get picky about things. C’est la Vie.

Anyway, thanks for the info! Now I know where to find the scarf.

BTW, Here is the picture that everyone steals. It was taken by me of my own doe and on my own website. But, if you do an image search on “german angora” and you’ll see her picture several places that are NOT my website. No permission either.

BTW, I had to resize this, the original is full screen. Still don’t know how to post here & limit display size. She displays smaller on the actual web page, ( but that is done with the code. I don’t know how to do it here.