Anybody knit bags/purses?


I have an issue with purses. If anyone knits them…maybe you can answer my question. The only issue I have is the corners of the purses. They stick out and look horrible. I’ve seen on TV that there should be mortered corners for that exact reason. Is that how it can be done?


Every purse/bag patt is different, but, yes, mitered corners…if applicable to the design…can make for nice, square corners. Depends on where they are worked. Some patts have clean corners w/o needing mitering. What pattern are you doing? What have you seen ‘on TV’?

I’ve been knitting some purses myself lately. I don’t have a pattern or anything like that but I have found a way to give my purses some nice soft corners.
First of all, you have to realize that my purses are very simply made. They are either knit or crocheted but what I do when the purse body is finished and sewn up is - I turn the purse inside out. I’m not at all sure that this will work for you…
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To knit or not to knit, that is the question!

I’m not too well trying to explain something in writting, but here goes…Once your bag is knit, turn it inside out. Take each corner and flatten it (it will resemble a triangle) and fold it towards the middle of the bottom of the bag and secure with some matching yarn. The further towards the middle that you fold it, the wider it will be. Does that make sense?