Anybody ever use Paton's Canadiana? and where

did you buy it? I made the mistake of buying 3 skeins of this… well, it’s acrylic and I hadn’t really gotten into knitting a lot when I bought it and now I probably wouldn’t buy acrylic.

So I started a brown afghan with it thinking I might as well use it and I needed a big mindless project IMMEDIATELY. It’s actually looking quite nice. I decided to put a soft blue wool in it in some stripes. But then I went back to where I thought I bought it, Michael’s, and they didn’t have ANY. I’ve looked around and haven’t been able to find it.
Geez. It might turn out to be a very weird afghan.

I do think it’s nicer acrylic then most I’ve found. Anybody know this yarn? It is made in Canada. carries Canadiana. It’s not bad as far as acrylics go, reasonable, too.

Thanks Ingrid! I’ll check them out. There’s not one close to me but maybe mail order. I also found some on ebay today.
cheers, Vic

Yep, I used it to make a hunting cap for my father. You can see the pics on my L J. I liked it. It’s not wool or anything but it’s nice for a decent hat. I got mine from

Thanks Aby! Wow, Herrschner’s is $3.59. Knitting Warehouse
is only $2.84. That’s great. Funny thing is, no matter where I find this Canadiana I can’t find the color I bought, a heathery brown.

But I think I’ll combine it with some blue from Knitting Warehouse.
Great tip, thanks again!

It’s actually very strong yarn. I thought I didn’t like acrylic but I’ve been testing yarns to see how easily they break (see my other posting re weak yarn) and it’s impossible to break this Patons stuff.
That’s good for a afghan you want to throw around. and hunting caps!