Anybody else having a problem with Ravelry today?

When I tried to get onto their website, the opening page came up WITHOUT the boxes where you type in your name & ID.

Just wondering if I’m the only one or not.


I’m always logged in so I just go directly to the page I want. Could be something with your computer, occasionally I get a wonky looking page when some of the graphics don’t load right. Just try again later on.

I just tried logging in at Rav, and it worked fine for me.

may be your browser…Firefox didn’t work this morning, but IE, no problem

I use FF, but as I say, I don’t logout, and only need to login every couple weeks when it wants me to redo that.

Firefox: I’m already logged in
Opera: I got the log in screen as normal

If I want to download anything, ravelry doesn’t like either of my normal browsers and I have to open Google Chrome.

I use FF and stayed logged in as well. No problems today with Rav although KH was slow to load. Yesterday I got the same thing you did on Rav though. I just do something else and try again later. There’s a lot to keeping a website working so they are going to go down sometimes.

Jan’s right, and ravelry is huge and very popular. They have to accommodate all these different browsers and operating systems (I use Linux and couldn’t use IE if I wanted to) and in general I think they do a great job! I :heart:! and figure that for them to be inconvenient for me once in a while is OK. When they know of a problem it seems they get right on it.