Anybody else have trouble with this website?

I don’t want to badmouth any site without knowing all the facts but I ordered from this site a few weeks ago and have not yet received my yarn. I have attempted to contact the seller NUMEROUS times and have not received a response. I have now opened a dispute through PayPal in order to resolve this but I was just wondering if anyone else has had a problem with this website:

I’d only heard good things about these people and according to their website they ship all orders within one business day but it’s been long after that. :shrug:

I’ve never heard of them…thanks for the heads up, though! I hope everything works out.

I know you’ve probably already considered this, but just in case… is it possible that your junk mail filter is tossing their emails?

Hope everything works out.

:frowning: I am sorry to haer about that … I have never heard of them though. I hope you receive your yarn soon though!

Nobody answers the phone either? :??

Did you try all their email addresses? I’d try calling too, even though it’s your dime.

You can also file here: and with other agencies (Better Business Bureau will contact them ) - that way if they get more than one complaint, maybe the authorities will look into them.

I’ve tried all their email addys and both phone numbers listed on the site. With the one number I get a “not a working number” message. On the other, the only thing I’ve gotten is a voice mail message and I’ve just left my name, phone #, order # and a message to call me back ASAP. So far, nothing. Looks like I might’ve gotten screwed! :grrr:

Definitely report her! I hope you aren’t out too much. :!!!:

When a business’s phone is not in service, is not a good sign. Let us know what happen with the dispute. Thanks for sharing this. I will make sure I don’t order anything from them.

Wait, I just dialed the number on their site, (323) 889-4281 and I heard a recording asking you to leave a message. Try that?
Oh, never mind. you tried that already.

Yep, have left several messages. No luck so far. I’m gonna give them a little longer before going any further in the “complaint” process. There could have been some kind of emergency or something. Even so, I guess there should be some type of notification on their website/VM message, right? Oh well…I’ll wait a bit longer and see.

You can also leave a message to tell them you are getting ready to report them to consumer affair and the BBB, and the internet BBB. If anyone is alive there, they will get back to you ASAP.

That’s definitely gonna be the next step…I have to wait until 9/8 to escalate my PayPal claim. I’m gonna contact the BBB et al then too if I haven’t received my order. It’s not like I’ve got hundreds invested in this ($57.00) but I’d still rather not be out the money, ya know?

We should leave a message that we’re coming to break their legs. :roflhard: THAT might get some sort of resolve.
I hope you get your stuff or at least get your money back, it’s a terrible feeling to get ripped off.

Just wanted to left y’all know that this issue has been amicably resolved between myself and the seller. Just a simple case of miscommunication and me jumpin’ the gun and assumin’ the worse as usual. :oops:

Whew! Glad you got it resolved :slight_smile:

I’m glad it’s resolved! :cheering: I do think you had every right to be irked though.

Glad that you got it solved !!! i think when you purchased something on the website or ebay… alway use paypal, visa …anything happened you can report and investigation from them would be taken … so you can not paid for something you never receive… alot of spams out there u know :nails: