Anybody doing this?

Hi everyone, checked out this site for corrections and came across this doesn’t that look like a blast??? Anyone going? Thanks Cheley

Oh I know! Doesn’t it look great? Debbie Stoller was in my town for book signings in November and she mentioned this-it was booked by then, but there are more scheduled! What a blast!

That looks amazing! I wish I wasn’t a poor student…

Wow, this is the first time I ever even considered going on a cruise. It sounds like it would be a lot of fun. Oh well, I’ll just dream on while I go out and shovel yet more snow and take my dogs snowshoeing. We are well above 2’ right now and more coming.

Oh my two fantasies all wrapped up into one: a cruise to somewhere hot AND knitting classes for anything I could imagine! OMG I want to go!!! Wahhhhhhhh.

2’ :roll: It’s just dreary, cold and yucky here…had a little snow but it’s melted (thank god)…had my first “spin out on a bridge” the last ice storm( about a month ago)…and I never want to drive again:thumbsup: good ole Ohio weather!!!

Our snowbanks are high enough along the roads that when my hubby lost control and spun around the car slid backwards into the snowbank and he was able to drive out, turn around and get home. I have been limiting my trips into town and stocking up when I do go so that I can pick my days to drive.
All the shoveling is cutting into knitting time though.

Our snowbanks are high enough along the roads that when my hubby lost control and spun around the car slid backwards into the snowbank and he was able to drive out, turn around and get home.

Heee, I’ve done that before! It’s scary when you’re sliding, but such a relief when you can drive out of it instead of being stuck.

That sounds fun to me… if it wasn’t on a boat or at least the boat just stayed in the same place the whole time. I get horrible motion sickness. I can hardly knit on car trips…

I e-mailed this to my aunt with the title “Wouldn’t you LOVE to go on this?” and she e-mailed back that it’s a pretty good price and we’d better start saving and go in '09!

Have you ever been on a big ship like that? It’s very hard to feel the motion of the waves on a large ship like that.

I wish I was going. Looks wonderful.

I told DH about it and he said “maybe next year” so perhaps we’ll see you there! :woohoo:

oh sweet! i wish i could go!

What a great cruise it really isn’t that expensive if you think of all the classes that are for the taking. Plus it looks like you get most everything to take the class. Maybe one day I will be able to take one of those cruises. Anyone ready to take the dream with me.:waving:

I wanna go!! I love cruising… and combine that with knitting?! WOW. Sadly, there is no way I can come up with that kind of money at this point…

Looks like so much fun!

It doesn’t snow here and it’s in the 60’s. :slight_smile: hehe.

Your tellin me!!! I visited Mesa, Tempe and Scottsdale in the "80’s and I swore I would live there one day…Well 20 some years later and I’m still dreamin of it…:hug: but I do get a couple a vacations (out of Ohio) a year so I am thankful for that…:teehee:

I hear ya! We went on a 7-day cruise last March to the Eastern Carribean. I couldn’t WAIT to get back home!! That big ole ship rocked like a row boat!! Cruising is not for me!

I’m with you Cdjack - I would be throwing up all over that beautiful yarn - motion & me dont mix! But it sounds like a dream vacation. Everyone will be getting off the boat with sore hands from knitting for 10 days straight!

My DH and I are going on an Alaskan cruise later in the year,and in September we’re going to do Hwy 1 and 101 from the border on up, so my vacation days are full. To me, the main problem with cruises is that you have to dress up on most ships. I HATE to dress up! My husband likes it more than I do. On the Alaskan cruise this is optional (I almost said ‘clothing optional’ :roflhard: , nobody wants to see that!)

It sure would be wonderful to get together with a bunch of friends from here, though, wouldn’t it?