Anybody been to Old Navy lately? (not OT)

I heard on one of their ads that they got in some Fair Isle Sweaters, so I went to check them out. They got Fair Isle, as well as some AWESOME cabled stuff in too–sweaters (the sweater was cute, but probably not for my figure :verysad:), dresses, scarves. As a knitter, I have such a deeper appreciation for these things now! :teehee:

I’ve seen the ads and love the sweaters…I also love the cabled bags they have…first I was like ohhh I should try to make that but after seeing their prices be better to just buy it from them…plus I know I’d never get any of it made and the yarn would just sit here :teehee:

Yes, after seeing their prices (under $40 for most of these sweaters), I felt that it would be–:shock: knitting blasphemy!–tempting to [I][U]buy[/U][/I] some of these things rather than [I][U]make[/U][/I] them. They even have cabled [I][U]shoes[/U][/I] (for under $20!) on their website which would be so cute (along with that cabled bag!) to wear with a cabled sweater! If I were to make it, the cost of the yarn alone would be more than buying the whole garment, but then, I don’t have the satisfaction of knowing I made it. Well, maybe in this [I][U]one[/U][/I] case, I could be “lazy” and just buy some stuff…! My mom bought me a sweater for Christmas yesterday that was 70% cotton and 30% wool–all natural fibers!–for under $40!!! :happydance:

OMG! I’m in love with that cable bag…And those cable flats! I have a cable obssession right now and I don’t think I could EVER make cable shoes (and definitely not for $20!). Okay…Old Navy trip is necessary!!!

That is one of the things I struggle with - unless I were to use low quality yarn, I cannot make the beautiful sweaters that I see in the stores for what it costs to purchase them … the yarn alone is usually more expensive … :hair::hair::hair:

Viva mass production! :ick::ick::ick::ick::ick:

I’ve seen the ad and have been trying to figure out how to make what appears to be a sideways knit fair isle. It may be some sort of fair isle/ intarsia combo thing, but I haven’t seen them in person.

As for making them or buying them? Well… certainly if you want a bunch of them then buying is probably the way to go. However, I’d much rather have one I made.

Lots of nice things. There seems to be more cabled selections in plus sizes than in smaller sizes? Hmm. I actually love that knit kimono, but don’t think I saw it in a smaller size.

Yes, in many ways it’s more practical to buy sweaters. I mean, how many sweaters do you wear in the winter? I’m in Chicago and wear a lot. Now, how many sweaters can you knit in a winter?

:pout: Oh how I miss Old Navy!!!

I’d be over to the store like a shot if I still lived in the US. :drool:

Mmmmmm I love their new knits collection! :inlove: Especially the cabled bag and shoes - I don’t think I could make that (the bag) for what it costs at ON.:cheering:

I used to work there. Their stuff is so cheap that I would advise people to check the seams thoroughly before buying. I would also recommend that people who fit in the category of extreme sizes (XXS and XXL) could probably risk not buying for a few weeks because these sizes are always left over when the prices drop at the end of the season.