Any Zimmerman pro's out there? Help needed!

I’m working on the baby bunting from p108 of opinionated knitter. It says to CO40, do the pattern and repeat 3 times. That gives me a large rectangle (CO 40 and 120 rows). The next direction says “Weave end to beginning. You have a square.”

Does that mean I sew the CO edge and the the bind off edge together? That would give me CO40x60 rows, close to a square.

What do you think?

That’s how I would read it. End to beginning would be cast on and bind off.

It sounds like what Ingrid says, but wouldn’t that make a tube? Maybe that is what you want though. Does it make sense?

No, just a doubled square. The next step is to pick up stitches along the edges and make a boarder and a hood. I’ll have to post when I get it done - seems like no one has EVER done this project!


A tube is kind of a doubled square if you flatten it out. :slight_smile: Yes, we’d all like to see you finished bunting. I’ll bet it is nice.