Any Yarn Dyers in here?

Hello all,

I am trying to get as much information as I can get online about dying yarn.

Do you guys know any good blogges who write about their dye adventures?

I checked out Yarn Harlot and also some other site and also the tips on Knitty but all information is welcome!

So hit me with your most favorite links!

Thank ewe!

If you go to the What’cha knittin forum there will be a thread that has a link to a thread all about dying. I’ve got kids screaming for me or else I’d link it.

It’s the koolaid thread.

Okay thanks!

I will be heading over there!


i dye, BUT i have books on dying. i haven’t bookmarked any blogs. if you go to blogger or any type of blog homepage and put in “dyeing yarn” in the search engine it should bring up some blogs that may explain how they do it.

the Jenla blog has some discussion about dyeing. I think one of the best links is All about hand dyeing and there is a forum there too!

Thank you thank you for your tips!

This dye your own yarn thing has got me really excited :slight_smile:


it is really fun…nice creative outlet

There’s a lot of stuff here about dyeing:

Ooh thanks, Sandy, that is another good site!

Here is a site with the best information I could find sofar on dying silk: