Any way to salvage a too-big beret?

I foresee significant unwiding in my future! My beret (first time knitting in the round) is too big (circumference). Are there any tricks for tightening it up or must I start over?



Can you weave through the edge and just pull tight and tie?

How about felting it?

What yarn did you use? If it is mostly wool, you can felt it. Once the band is the size you want, slip a dinner plate inside and let it dry.

If it is not a feltable yarn, you could pick up stitches all around the brim and knit a few rows and then cast off. Fold this flap up inside the original brim and stitch it down – but leave a little space open so you can thread through a bit of elastic. Once the elastic is in, sew the last bit closed.

Thanks for the great suggestions!

If try felting to tighten it up, can I felt just the bottom band and leave the rest of the beret alone? I guess people might not notice this question in this thread, so maybe I should post in the felting thread below or start a new post. Well, I’ll wait and see.

Thanks again, I’m so glad I stumbled onto this website!


I think you could spot felt by soaking in hot soapy water and only rubbing the brim parts.

The felted berets I have made have shown suprising latitude in the crown. I mean I could stick a really big dinner plate in there and the crumpled, shriveled felt simply stretched to accomodate.

I used a 11" plate as the standard, and have had my eye out for larger ones.

(janelanespaintbrush, we must have been looking at the post at the exact same time!)