Any way to fix?

I am making a baby blanket for my new nephew. It will be long enough to fit both his crib and his toddler bed when he moves up to one. I am using Deborah Norville’s chunky acrylic Serenity yarn and am about 1/2 finished with the blanket. I’ve noticed that the finished part is getting super fuzzy (NOT in a good way) and pilling. Is there any way to stop this? Can I trim the fibers and give the blanket a “hair cut” when I’m finished or will it compromise the yarn?

You might try one of those sweater shavers and see if that eliminates most of the fuzz.

I’m always giving my acrylic knit sweaters haircuts. I find that they start to pill quite fast (not that I’m using any good acrylic or anything) but I don’t think it will pill forever. If memory serves me right, the pilling stops after a while.
When I do my ‘haircuts’, I usually make sure I have really good lighting so that I don’t accidentally snip the yarn… I don’t what to have to fill in a hole :slight_smile:
I use tiny sharp thread scissors and sort of skim them along the top, and hold the fuzz in my other hand to bring it out of the flat surface and then only cut at the edge of my fingers. So far, I’ve not nicked anything.
Good luck!

It’s in your lap so it’s getting a lot of friction which is probably similar to how it will be for the child. Since its acrylic yarn wash and dry it when your done and then give use a sweater shaver on it.

I know that this isn’t much help with your blanket - but I always wash my jumpers inside out to try and reduce pilling.

Have you tried putting a good quality tea towel or something similar in your lap to make the surface the knitting is resting against ‘smoother’?

You can wrap the knitting in the tea towel to keep the blanket clean when you are not working on it as well.

I do this! It helps keep cat hair off large projects, which is my big problem when knitting at home.