Any video for short row heel?

I watched Amy’s video on short row insertion, but I’m still lost trying to follow my instructions for my sock heel. The part that’s confusing me is not the wrap turn bit, it’s when do I pick up and knit the wrap & slip stitch? The stitch explanation says do it on the next row, but the instructions for knitting the socks say sw before getting to the last slipped stitch:
Row 1, WS: P16 SW next st, turn
Row 2, K15 sts, WE next st, turn
Row 3, p14, sw next st. turn

and so on.
So am I leaving the sl stitches unworked and knitting/purling the ones in between right? The directions continue:

Continue to rep last 2 rows, having 1 st less before SW on each row until 9 sts have been worked.
Next Row RS: K9 sts, sw, turn
Next Row: P10 sts sw, turn
Rep last 2 ros, adding 1 more st before sw on each row until 17 sts have been worked.

I just don’t know what I’m supposed to be accomplishing here, I mean, I know I’m supposed to end up w/ a cup for the heel, but I can’t visualize this. Any help?


There are probably better people in the group who prefer short row heels that can probably help you; however, the Knit Witch on YouTube has a video up if you go here:

Thank you! I motored through it the best I could but it is botched with holes as I read others have had problems w/. I think it was due to not inserting the needles correctly when knitting the wrap & Sl st.

I’m not sure I like the short row heel. I see the advantage, but my Silver heel turned out better.

I will watch the video though because I have the 2nd sock to knit, even though I may scrap this pair, but good for practice.


hmmm, that video was not like what my instructions say. so maybe I’m not doing what’s called a short row heel. The video was more like what I did in the Silver tutorial.

I’m having trouble w/ the sw’s, not the turning, but the picking up the wrap to knit/purl. I’m going to watch Amy’s short row video again and see if I can’t figure it out. Any other advice though is appreciated.


To answer your original question- you’re supposed to leave the wrapped stitches unworked at first, then you’ll go back and work them in the 2nd part of the directions, when you start increasing the number of stitches you’re working in between turns.

I couldn’t visualize it either, and although Amy’s video helped me some, my first wrap & turn heel turned out pretty holey. Once I got through the first one, though, it was much easier to understand the construction the 2nd time around.

Think about it this way- you’re knitting a ‘v’ shape (if you look at the sock from the side)- from top of the ‘v’ to bottom and back to the top. The first part where you’re working fewer and fewer stitches between turns is the top to bottom bit, then when you start working more and more between turns, you’re going back up and attaching the ‘up’ side to the ‘down’ side in the process. You work the wraps on the way back up in order to attach to the down side without holes in between.

Hope all that blabbing helps some. :slight_smile: