Any tips for knitting with wire?

Anyone have hints for knitting with wire? I’m doing a very simple bracelet with beads, so if it was yarn it would have been done by now. But I guess what I really want to know is if there is a trick to keep the wire from kinking up. Is it just practice?


I’ve never knitted with wire, but there’s something called a Wyr Knitter that you might try.


I just tried that too…my wire was very kinky :roflhard: I am looking into finding some more flexible wire to try…I think that will help a lot.

The finger gauge your wire is, the less likely it is to kink. Remember that the larger the number is, the smaller it is. I personally wouldn’t attempt to knit wire with anything larger than 26 gauge wire. It really helps if you use BIG needles, too.

You can also condition your wire before you start by straightening it. They do have fancy pliers for this, but I just take a paper towel and run it over the wire several times until it’s “straight”. Of course, very thin wire is still going to want to curve a bit, and that’s OK…just don’t try to knit it up right off of the spool.

I like using needles over the Wyr Knitter, mostly because with your needles you have a bit more control of what’s happening to your wire as it’s being knit. The Wyr Knitter likes to snap wire if you go too fast, and tangle up if you go to slow. The trick is really to go slow until you find a rhythm.

One more tip: you can buy copper wire for PENNIES at a hardware store in a variety of gauges. It’s great to practice with and a heck of a lot cheaper than craft wire. Just remember to clean it!

Hope this helps