Any tips for handling a bulky, heavy, blanket with circular needles?

Hi everyone,

I’m new to the forum and starting to knit again after 30 years.
I’m glad I found this forum … everyone seems really friendly & knowledgeable!

I did a quick search, so hopefully this hasn’t already been asked, but I’d love your tips for dealing with heavy bulky items.

I am enjoying knitting a full twin-size blanket for my daughter, I’m using a soft acrylic wool on a circular Addiclick needle … so it’s smooth & glides well, but it’s now only 30" long & I can already start to feel me “wrestling” with it as it grows. Can anyone tell me how you dealt with a bulky heavy project … either how to store it, keep it on your lap, weight-lift with it etc ? Thanks :weight_lifting_woman: :slight_smile:

Not sure what pattern you’re knitting in, but the last time (and I mean last time) I did a full blanket, it was slip-stitch stockinette for the most part. I taught myself how to knit backwards so I wouldn’t have to flip the blanket over everytime I turned to work back the next row. Purling backwards isn’t difficult, but I found switching between knit and purl like you would for seed stitch or waffle stitch or anything else to be a challenge, so I don’t think I could have done it if the blanket hadn’t been stockinette.

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Well, my first tip would be to do your knitting in the fall/winter!!! Secondly, I will sometimes push it over to one side of my lap/legs while I’m working on it. (Depending on how warm I’m feeling). Or take it off my legs altogether and have it on the couch next to me to keep my legs free. Sometimes I will even knit while sitting at a (clean) table and keep the afghan on the table and it won’t be on my legs at all!!!

The afghans I knit usually end up at least 6ft long so I’ve had to fiddle with them somewhat. I’m sure you’ll come up with something that works best for you!!


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Oh my goodness lewister … you’re so right. I think you just explained why
it may seem heavier … it’s not seed stitch but a lot of regular knits &
purls.Here’s the pattern :

Cindy, I like your table idea … I posted the pattern above. The picture
makes it look like a thin baby blanket almost … this thing feels like
it’s trying to strangle me haha … This will also be at least 6ft long, so
I think I’ll try putting it on the table.

Hi SimoneBinoche,
I am dealing the the same thing, and this is what I do. My length is over 6 feet so far and I am close to finishing it, but I have it bundled together and toss the free end up and over my shoulder in the chair I am sitting in at my computer. it has enough of the length so that I am not constantly pulling on it. I am knitting 12 rows in the same color and I cut the yarn and attach the next color. My pattern is a variation of the feather and fan stitch pattern. I knit the first row, purl the 2nd row, Row 3 is the pattern row and row 4 is purled.

When I knit afghans, I usually use 2 strands of yarn together with size 13 or 15 needles. So my afghans are “extra” thick.

Also, if u want to knit while watching TV u can set up a TV tray in front of the couch and drape the afghan over that while you’re working!!


Thanks for these great tips everyone! These are good ideas. I think in knitting it is so important that posture is good, and to remember not to hunch the neck or have a heavy project bothering your wrists … so hopefully we all can knit things more comfortably and do more projects : ))