Any tips for a booga bag?

I’m somewhat of a beginner knitter, I’ve done scarfs, hats, a felted purse, dishclothes, etc. but this is my first ‘challenge’ project. Does anyone have any tips/tricks or problems that I may run into? I really appreciate it!

This seems to be a very popular first bag for a lot of people.

The bottom is knit back and forth into a rectangle, then you pick up the stitches down the left side, across the bottom and up the right side and start knitting in the round.

The pattern says to pick up the stitches twisted, but I don’t think anyone has really figured that one out–or at least haven’t bothered to do it that way.

I’m interested in making one, I don’t have the pattern yet, I just know it’s nice and felted.

Perhaps the twisted is as we discussed here once when I asked about doing the Knit stitch. I seemed to remember being taught to K through the back look of the needle on the left, rather than the front. Someone was nice enough (and I did the same experiment) to knit a swatch through the back loop, and you can see when you do that that your stitches are twisted.

Could that be it??? I can see where that might make the felting a little sturdier…

Can someone post the pattern for the Booga Bag?

I have made a few, and enjoy them, mostily because when you add fun yarns to the knit as accents, you never know how they will spice up the look.

And they are great for hiding mistakes!:cheering:

[B][COLOR=Blue]Here’s[/COLOR][/B] the link for the Black Sheep Booga Bag pattern.

Thanks, that’s it! Only I’d like to make it bigger to carry plenty of knitting inside! :wink:

I did not twist stitches when I picked up along the bottom, and it turned out great, so I don’t think that’s really critical. The felting part can take a while, depending on the yarn you use (I used Noro Kureyon and felted it 3 times throught the wash cycle!). But definitely make it bigger. I was slightly sad at how small it turned out. More like a purse, less like a tote.

Is 2x bigger TOO big to make it?

Mine was a decent size just regular - I can get a good sized project in it, and extra yarn. I don’t think I felted as vigously as I could have though - I was doing it by hand, and just got tired - and impatient:teehee:. I think 2x would give a nice big tote, if that’s what you are aiming for.

Good luck!

So will subsequent washings shrink it further?

i am working on my 4th booga bag. they are not difficult, the same stich all the way thru. Be sure to make it as long as the directions call for so when you felt it you won’t get it too short. the first one I made was a kit. I have made 3 others and used a varity of yarn. I like to felt them, so I look for feltable yarn. You can find others feltable other then 100% wool if you look for it. That yarn really felts thick and stiff, I like it for the good form. You must block
the bag after felting it in hot water. I love the booga bag. becky:cheering:

Thanks for all the tips everyone…I was wondering about the twisted stitch thing. Now I won’t worry about it!

for the pattern, it says to CO 34 stitchs, knit 34 rows, then pick up the stitchs on the rectangle and knit it on the round.

by “picking up the stitchs” does that mean increase? because if you only CO 34 in the beginning?

andd it says “there are 17 ridges, so you just pick up one stitch between each ridge”

well what’re ridges? i’m like super confused. :shrug:

Did you make it the size the directions said? Is it a good size to hold some socks? I thought a smallish one with long handles (to drape across the body) to carry sock knitting, say when you are in line or something would be a good one to have.

I did, but I’m not sure I felted it adequately. You could absolutely hold socks in it - I can get a shawl mid-progress in there. It’s a little stretchy. And my i-cord is plenty long … but then, I’m plenty short.:teehee:

Try watching Amy’s video on picking up stitches. It’ll give you a general idea of what you’re doing. Good luck!!
Link is here.