Any suggestions for tweed yarn?

So, ladies, what in your opinion is the best tweed yarn out there? Okay, that’s vague. Lemme qualify: by ‘best’, I’m talking bang for your buck money to yardage-wise, natural fiber (preferably 50%+ wool) and variety of colors (although all I really want is something grey-ish). I’ve looked at Debbie Bliss and Plymouth and Knitpicks and those all look worthy but I thought to shoot this question out to you for other suggestions? Any takers?

I picked this up at my LYS the other day:

It’s incredibly soft (I got the natural/white) and $29 for 600 yards is pretty good in my book. A few websites seem to have slightly lower prices.

Don’t know if you care for alpaca though.

I’m a big fan of Rowan’s summer tweed but it’s not the right content…:frowning: I have it in “hurricaine” (color 520) and it’s a very dark gray–almost black. It also comes in a lighter gray…but like I said…wrong content. Summer Tweed is silk/cotton.