Any sugg. zephyr wool/silk

i have one skein of zephyr wool-silk (630 yrds/2 oz) in vanilla. i am thinking i will dye it. but what do i knit it into? please offer suggestions! i was thinking a lacey scarf, but is it enough? i also have a beautiful ball of brushed alpaca, nashua handknits, in rose (190 yds) … please help :mrgreen:

Do you think you could use both in the same item? Not double stranded but alternatively somehow?

Anyhoo…inspired by another thread…how about a purse? Would the yarns go well in that sort of item? I love the way alpaca feels…yummmm.

Well for the Mystery Stole, the hostess is using that yarn. For her completed project she used under 800 yards and it was 70" long and I think 20" wide. So you definitely could get a good size scarf/stole. You should do the Mystery Stole! It starts Friday and you could just leave out a repeat or two!

I think 630 yds is enough for a lacy scarf. When I knit one of the Elizabeth I scarves from KnitPicks, I used 1 hank of Shadow (I think that’s the one), a fingering weight. It was about 400 yds in the hank & I didn’t even use it all. I have 1 hank of the Seasilk to knit the Montego Bay scarf from the summer IK & it’s less than 500 yds in the hank.

I am just finishing up a lace Shetland Sampler scarf in vanilla Zephyr. I started with a 630 yard skein and it’s enough. I am making the scarf for someone who is fairly tall so I am making it extra long. I will have a little left over probably. I would suggest using a size 5 needle or thereabouts. I use Zephyr a lot for shawls and lately I’ve been seeing people using it for the first time using needles that are actually too small.

It’s actually a really nice yarn for a scarf because between the merino and the silk it feels really nice next to the skin. It won’t irritate even sensitive skin.

thanks for all the suggestions! what’s the Mystery Stole? i will have to go back and flip through my mags, maybe i’ll find a good pattern there too. thanks for the suggestion about using a larger needle :mrgreen:

This is the Mystery Stole! You should check it out and join in!

i did, and now i am skeeeered!!

Me too. I really have done too much lace. But I figure what the heck!? I’m going to give it my best shot.

and make it with 3 repeats instead of 4, for a nice scarf instead of big shawl?

still not sure what i am going to do. hmmmm that is a pretty stole, and the chart looks simple enough

If you decide to do Print o’ the Wave there is a mistake in the pattern in the edging chart as I recall. You should do a search on Google to get the correction. The last I heard Eunny said she had still not fixed it on the pattern.