Any Sock Swaps going on..?

Hey all,

I’ve been away for many many months, without internet (how did I survive?!?). I’ve got lots of FOs to post, but that’ll have to wait.

In any event, I’ve been on a sock craze ever since I learned how, right about the time that I stopped posting.

So I’m wondering, is anyone else interested in doing a sock swap? I did a quick search and I didn’t see any that were open or had just finished. If there is one going on already please point me to it, but if not let’s get one going!

I’m not necessarily interested in leading this one though, so if anyone else is please go ahead! But if a bunch of people wanna do the swap but no one wants to lead I’d be happy to do it.

So my idea was something like, a sock yarn swap where you trade 200grams of sock yarn, and then with 100g make a pair for someone else and then do a finished sock swap. That way with the new yarn someone got you, you could make a pair for yourself and get an entirely new pair made for you in part 2. I dunno, I thought it might be fun.

Whattaya think??

I’d love to participate in a sock swap. I’ve been looking for this kind of swap too.