Any sewing people who could help me?

I absolutely love knitting and since I’ve been doing it I’ve been yearning to sew. I made an apron with my friend’s mum when I was much younger and I really enjoyed it then. So my mum said I may be able to get a sewing machine for my birthday if I can find a place where they sell them. Does anyone know of a shop where you can buy sewing machines in the cheshire/liverpool area? The only place I’ve ever seen that sells sewing machines is Argos
What would be the best type of machine to get? I would probably just use it to alter clothes I’ve got, sew linings in knitted bags, make some clothes. I don’t really want anything fancy but I want it to be durable and practical and easy for a beginner to use. Any ideas? :shrug:

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I can’t help you with locations… although I would LOVE to go back to the UK! But anyway- as for what kind to get- I would just try out several different machines. The stores (at least here in the States) have most of their models out where you can try them out to figure out which one you want, and the sales people are usually very knowledgeable about the different models, so they can give you an idea of which one will be the best for what you want to do, and show you how to use them, etc. If you can, try out several different brands and choose the one you are most comfortable with.


I belong to a sewing forum too, and many of the sewers are in the UK, so I’ll ask and post the answers when I get them.

I found this on Google:

Janomes are good machines, but many are highly specialized. Sounds like Lady B will have more access to good info, but you might try a websearch. I just typed in “sewing machines cheshire.”

Thanks for your comments! :hug:
Wow thanks LadyB that’s really nice of you! (Sorry I don’t know your name :oops:)
They seem to sell a basic Janome at Argos… :shrug:
The only problem is that you can’t try out the machines there! :rofl:

Well, I’ve been patiently waiting for a response, but only one has come in. It is from a professional seamstress, and here’s what she had to say:

"My sewing machine man suggested that it is best to try and buy a machine without computer driven parts, as then if it breaks it has to be returned to the makers. If it is purely mechanical, most competent sewing machine engineers can cope.

I recently bought a Brother, which is mechanical, but I bought it because it takes my singer feet. Singer are not longer the sturdy machines I used to swear by, and I cannot recommend the current machines. Older ones are still good value.

I have no experience of other machines,- I have only ever had Singers before, and a tiny Frister and Rossman which was not sturdy enough for me - so cannot make comparisons.


Oh, and I live in London, so cannot recommend places to buy either. Liverpool is a long distance, England wise, from London."

Personally, I have a Brother that I have had for 13+ years, and I’ve only ever had to have a tune-up/timing adjustment once. Many of my friends also have Brothers because they are a good value – reliable, not terribly expensive, etc. If money is no object though, I would recommend a Bernina Artista. Other Bernina machines, Viking/Husqvarna, and Janome are also good. Most of the professional sewers that I know recommend finding a good used Singer.

Hope this helps. Sorry I wasn’t able to get more specific info for you in your area.


I belong to there is lots of help there and I’m sure some folks from across the pond in UK. They can help point you in the right direction.

Don’t know where to go in the UK, but I love my Brother sewing machine, my mom swears by her OLD metal Singer and newer Bernina. I recently got a Pfaff serger which is wonderful and I find has a very good reputation (they also make sewing machines).