Any Scarf KAL!

OK, so I am knitting the last seven foot scarf. I am using Bernat Soft Boucle in solid white. I am knitting a 3 X 3 rib with a 3 stitch border on either side. I am at 36 inches right now. I want to be finished this weekend. Anyone care to join along?

The.Knitter, I started the Woodland Scarf but it has been put on hold until I finish some felted clogs for DS and the Topifor DD.

How is your seven foot scarf coming along?

I am knitting Feather and Fan scarves as christmas gifts. I’ve knitted 2, I’ve got 1 otn, and one more to go. I’ll post pics soon! Great idea for a KAL!

I am knitting a scarf and hat for myself with Bernat’s Soft Boucle in Pink – it’s a long one - supposed to be 70 inches - and I’ve only done 10 so far. It’s K2P2 rib and super easy, but boring to me … but I have nothing knit for myself, so I thought this would be good for the 2 skeins I have :cool:

I am knitting an on the bias scarf, a 3 k/3p scarf and another on the bias scarf… all at once.

The on the bias scarves are for men… the other for a woman. I have til the 24th for one, but the other 2 have to be completed by the time I go to bed tomorrow night. But they are also “extras” so if I don’t finish them… it isn’t a big deal - but I am trying to finish all 3 by tomorrow.

Im knitting a ribbed scarf in wool ease natural heather.

Alright, time to get serious about these last 2 scarves, lol! I’m almost done with the one, but I’ve got to do the next as well. They are 70 inches long, and I’ve just had little motivation. My goal is to get the one done today, then spend the weekend on the other. I know its doable, its just I’ve done so many already, lol that the stitch pattern is getting pretty mundane. They certainly are beautiful tho. I really want to make one for myself when its all said and done, but I think I’ll try a totally different stitch pattern. Once I finish the blue scarf today, I’ll take pictures of the ones I still have to wrap. Good luck to all of you!! :happydance:

I would like to join. :waving: I’m a brand new knitter. I started a scarf MONTHS ago but had to put it down to finish crocheting several Christmas gifts.

Right now it’s about 14" long. I cast on so long ago I don’t know how I did it, but I do know it was the long tail co. I learned the knit and purl stitches at the same time, so I decided to do the scarf as a k3/p1 ribbing.

It looks okay, though the beginning is very loose…you can tell where I started getting the hang of the tension…and I used bulky 6 yarn on #9 needles so you can only see the ribbing on the one side, the other lies flat.

Do you all think it’s worth continuing that scarf, or starting another one?


Any piece of work you start is “worth finishing” if for no other reason than that it shows you where your improvements are. Keep at it and welcome to the wonderful world of knitting!

I don’t think I am ever going to be finished this last scarf. Between cleaning and baking and wrapping and shopping for the feast (not to mention the three hours in the beauty salon today), plus five days flat on my butt in bed with a nasty flu bug and a party to go to tomorrow, I have not had time to knit the last half of the final scarf. I need motivation, dammit! Someone get that boot out again, PLEASE!!!

Can I join in?? I’ve just started one tonight. The first 3 rows are loop stitches and it’s 10 stitches wide, doing the body of it in Moss stitch and will end the last three rows with the loop stitch. It’s on size 11 needles. The yarn is virgin handspun wool in an olive green color that a friend gave to me. It’s about 8"s sofar. Going to knit til it’s 65"s.

Sure you can, welcome.

OK, so I am about 2/3 of the way finished with my 70" scarf, then I’ll make a hat to go with it. It’s for me and I honestly have never knitted anything for me. I’m always knitting for others or for my girls. I’m hoping I’ll finish today :slight_smile:

Best of luck to you. Don’t forget to post a picture once you are done.

I finished my scarf last night and I will post a pic later today. I really like it a lot - it’s nothing fancy, but I mainly love it because I have never had a scarf before. Isn’t that funny? I was telling my DH that last night. I live in GA and so there’s not much need. But I love it - I love wearing it and I wore it all night (of course I took it off to go to bed :slight_smile: ). I think I will wear it all day on Christmas Day! So I started the hat to go with it last night … Merry Christmas everyone!


That’s great, congrats. I am so glad you aer happy with your scarf!

OK … here’s my scarf :cool:

Oh yeah - the pattern … it’s the Bernat Hat & Long Scarf made with Soft Boucle in pink :slight_smile:

Ohhhhhhhh, I love how girlie it looks… very sweet. What yarn is it knitted from?

I knit this last night for a friend in NC. I wanted a scarf that didn’t have a lot of bulk but would still keep the chill at bay when needed. And something more of the manly side, lol. What I had one hand was some Lions Woolease, leftover from another project. I thought I would have just enough yarn to squeak by and get the length I wanted… I couldn’t have been more wrong, lol… whenI used up all the yarn I had, it only measured 23"s long. So, not wanting to scrap it(I was not sure I could get any more of this yarn) I wet it and blocked it to 37 1/2 "s. I think it looks ok, what do you think??
I knit it with 2 strands, one green and one brown. I had to improvise by using my ironing board, clothespins and pins as my blocking tools, lol.

It looks great! I hope he likes it.