Any recommanded stuffing for knitted toys?

I am planning to knit a toy lately and I am wondering about what I could use for the stuffing :thinking: Wouldn’t cotton kind of come out of the holes on your fabric? :shrug:

Any ideas?

I have a doll stuffed with wool. It basically warms up as it’s held since wool is so insulating. I’d guess it’s some type of raw wool? I didn’t make it so I’m not sure but check it out! It’s a Waldorf style doll. HTH!

Thanks MommaRalph, I’ll try that! :hug:
Any more suggestions?

Waldorf toys are most always stuffed with wool –

Check it out here:

[color=blue]Magic Cabin Wool Stuffing[/color]

or here:

[color=blue]Nova Natural Wool Batting[/color]

Or here:

[color=blue]Weir Dolls And Crafts Wool Roving[/color]l

Hope this helps!

I’ve stuffed all my toys with Polyfil without complaint on any of the recipients’ parts. It’s fairly inexpensive at the Michaels that is my only source for crafty stuff in town.
When you say “the holes in the fabric”, do you mean the little holes that you can see between the stitches when you stretch out the knitted fabric? If so, that’s why most patterns recommend using a needle smaller than what the yarn would usually require - it makes the fabric tighter, so you can stuff it without worrying about the filling showing through. If it’s a light-coloured object, you don’t need to worry too terribly much about the filling showing because it won’t be very noticeable anyway, and it’s pretty difficult to pull it out unless the holes are really big.

A tip I learned on a crochet board is to save all of your yarn scraps - they pile up amazingly fast - and use these as stuffing for small toys.

I made a teddy bear that I stuffed with cut up pieces of plastic bags. I save them, but never use them up faster than they accumulate, so I stuffed the bear with them. He made a neat “squish” sound.

These are some good ideas and tips guys :slight_smile: Thanks a million! :notworthy: :muah: