Any Quilters?

Hi all. A friend of mine is renewing her wedding vows in June. I would like to make her a king sized quilt for her bed. I had hoped to make it with a black border and white corner blocks with 2 harts (like on the invite) The main body of the quilt will be white (colors are black and white) and maybe print pictures of her and her husband, and her 3 kids on the quilt. I would also like to put something special in the center to represent marriage like 2 rings or 2 harts or something.

Questions are: how big should a king size quilt be? I’m guessing about 110 inches finished.
anyone know of a place to go in Denver CO to do some embroidery work with a machine? I thought the corner blocks could be done and maybe a hand sewing the rings (if I go with that) to the fabric.

Also open to any other ideas on how to make this quilt special. The only quilt I’ve ever made was a baby blanket. Didn’t turn out really well as some of the seams were off, but it looked nice in the end.

I’m a quilter! That’s an ambitious project, but it sounds like it will be wonderful!

I would probably piece the hearts and rings rather than embroider them, but that’s just me. You could also applique them. As for the pictures, did you know you can buy printer-ready fabric sheets? That is the coolest thing. Find a quilt store (there are several wonderful ones in Denver!) and they can help you with all of your questions.

Dotty is a quilter, surprised she hasn’t seen this thread.

Thanks for the advice Abbily. For the pictures I thought of getting the paper you print on, then iron onto the fabric. The rings I did want to make out of gold material, but have a way of sewing them on the center of a square without any extra piecing as my sewing is good, but not great.

The harts are not solid, but kind of linked together, again that is why I though of embroidery. I could do an applique maybe, but forgive me if I am wrong, I didn’t think you could wash it with just an applique. It has to be sewn.

So unless anyone has any other ideas of how to get rings and harts easily on a quilt I may try to find a quilting store and see what they have in mind.

Hi! I’m not a quilter…yet. But actually after work today I am taking a “Grandmother’s Quilt Square” class. From my understanding you make quilted squares by hand and when you get enough made, you sew them together to make a quilt. Not really sure about it, but I am looking forward to it. Has anyone ever done such? Thanks! CarolinaGirl


You can stitch down an applique- just stitch around the borders. I assume you’re using a sewing machine, and I bet it has a few different stitches that would look nice. Embroidery would look lovely too, I was just throwing a few other ideas at you. :slight_smile: I would definitely check out the quilt stores for ideas, though… just because quilters are like knitters, they’re the nicest, most helpful people around. :slight_smile:

I went to this quilt store last time I was in Denver and it’s a fabulous store.