Any "Quilters" out there?

Hi everyone:cheering: along with knitting and crocheting, I also do some “quilting”…However, I have recently “lost” my crafting teacher:verysad:so, I am gonna give this question a try here::shrug: I have a quilt (dresden plate) but I only made it to fit double bed:gah: It’s all done…has a nice mitered border etc… How can I make it bigger to fit my "king size bed:??? Any thoughts out there:happydance: Thanks Cheley

How funny is this? I was going to ask a question about cutting a LONNNNNNNNNGGGGGGG strip…but will NOT hijack your thread…

The idea just boggles my mind…and I’m not really sure it’d be worth it…BUT…if I REALLY wanted to do this…this is how I’d do it.

Remove binding
remove about 2 or so inches of quilting from the edge of the quilt by snipping

Ok…I would go on…but would SOOOO not be happy with it…I really don’t think you could get it to lay nicely.

What you could do…is appliqué the quilt onto a bigger piece of fabric.

Just make a basic quilt, the size you want, and then attach this one to the top of it…I think you’d be WAY much more happier…And quilt away…

Make sure you have the thinnest batting that you feel comfortable with…does that make sense?

:yay:yea, I like that idea…but how would I get padding on the sides when I sew the quilt on top of a new piece of fabric??? :eyes:

i’d do it the hard way… deconstruct one side and the bottom. Add more rows (if you use the original measurements it should lay right), reconstruct. The best way would be to sew the top together lay out batting and backing, pin in place, do a hen seam on the backing and quilt the new area. Simple, right?

Wow another great idea…except they are all 12" squares of muslin, with the "dresden pattern " appliqued (hand sewn on) original (vintage material) scallops :gah:So are you suggesting, making more “squares” and adding (over the original baking and binding) across the bottom??? I kinda thought of that method too, except I could never “match” the original pattern (fabric) that’s why I thought to add (somehow:eyes:) around the 4 sides…Whatcha think???:shrug:

Well… without matching fabric, you could remove the binding and add some sort of quilted border. You could just add a muslin border around and quilt the DP pattern around.?

I have a quilting book called Divide & Conquer that has different methods of how to divide a large quilt into smaller sections, quilt them and then put/quilt them back together into a larger quilt. Seems like you might be able to use one of the methods to “attach” side panels to your existing quilt to make it fit a larger bed. The book was also an episode on Simply Quilts – link here – so you can get an overview of the methods online too.

I was just thinking that you make a larger quilt the size you want, backing, batting, and top very simply and fix the small quilt on top of the “new” quilt, and then do some more quilting to REALLY fix it to the new quilt. You’ll be really toasty for SURE!!!

I’d be TERRIFIED to take it apart, trying to match the batting I think would be my most disappointing thing if it was bumpy lumpy. At least this way…you’ll have nice flat pieces. But again, I don’t have a lot of confidence in myself with construction, much less deconstruction!!!