Any patterns for knit bags? p.s. Sept. Elle has nice knits

Any patterns/ etc. for knit hand bags? :slight_smile: p.s. did anyone read Sept. Elle? It has a nice section or two on knits for fall/ winter. :slight_smile:

OH, yes, you can finds lots of patterns for bags @; and !

(first link didn’t work :frowning: … ) Ack! I love this one. :wink:
I think I’ll have to make it, thanks. :wink: What color do you think??? :slight_smile:

Mer just made a fab Brea. As for color…any, do you want to match a certain outfit? Use it for the season? What’s your goal…when do you want to use it?

Sorry, try this.

Thanks for the last link I’ll have to skim through it. :wink: Just a bag for general use in fall/ winter. … I have alot of “neutral” coats but don’t love to look really drab? (I love color! :slight_smile: ) Maybe I could knit one up in a pretty color??? Or do you think white would be better? (I don’t want black) maybe grey tweedy?

I say you pick up a nice autumn/fall colour. Deep oranges, deep yellows, and beautiful reds/burgundy’s. It’s colour, matches the season, and fairly unused. I havent seen many knits in fall/autmun colours yet.