Any Pagan Knitters?

Yes it is sad that allot of people are misinformed. But I believe that overtime hopefully people will become more informed. Yes a handfasting is a wiccan/pagan marriage. Good idea on the i cord I never thought of that.
I also think that you should use whatever type of yarn you can afford after all it is the thought and intent you put into whatever you are making that counts. I would really like to start a group where we can knit and also discuss paganism(kinda like a study group)although I live also in the biblebelt of arizona so…yeah here you also have to be hush hush about your alternative religion.Anyhoo I gtg(got to go) my little one just woke up. Hope things are well!

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=darkorchid]Arizona has a Bible belt?:shrug:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

I’m not a pagan, but consider myself a heathen. :slight_smile:

We are Asatru, we celebrate the Nordic Gods. I love Elsebeth Lavolds designs and so want to learn how to knit Runes.

Hi to my fellow pagans and Heathens!

as a Pagan, and a Mother, and a Nurse
I try to find a way to incorporate my beliefs into my day to day life, in the smallest, Quietest ways possible

then, every once in a while, I YELL from the tree tops
I knit pocket Goddesses to sell in local shops, they come with a small inspirational Scroll.
when I make them as gifts, I use maplewood needles annointed with Healing, or Blessing Oil
I try to make them with the fibers tha wil give me the best effect, and these tend to be at least 50% Natural Fibers, the ones that have the most acrylic are baby and pet friendly, and they can survive machine washing.
One day here was the mom trying to get her two boys to eat, and they were bored, and grumpy. They ended up playing hockey with coffee stirrers, and a Bottle cap, after my kids and I had finished OUR lunch, e left the shop and saw her go into a shop next door with the kids begging for this and that. I went to the car, got my bag of finished Goddesses, and took out 4, and followed her into the shop, and offered her one, telling her what they symbolized. She thanked me, and as i walked out, she explained to one of her kids, that it was a little Goddess for her to keep close and remind her of how blessed she was, and she pronounced it, "Bless-ed"
made me smile
BIG time

ECB, that was a really nice story. I consider blessed to mean so many things, since I do not believe in God, or one god. Being blessed, no matter how you look at it, is a nice thing. :slight_smile:

ecb~ can you post pics of your goddessess? or is that probhibited…:?? b/c I sure am curious what they look :happydance:like~

I’m really glad someone posted this thread, thanks Rhea. Over the last couple of weeks, after months on the forum, I’d started getting a little braver about mentioning Paganism (particularly in the Chiggers thread - I’m a bad pagan, being outdoors gets me bitten and infected so I mostly have to avoid woods :wall:). Until now though, as everywhere else, I’ve been very circumspect about mentioning it because of the abuse I’ve had in the past (I used to get crosses scrawled on my door, bibles left outside, shouted at, doors slammed in my face etc). I’ve been through enough where I don’t want to have to keep defending this perfectly natural, peaceful, mature belief. If people hate me after knowing what it is, fair enough, but I’ve got no time anymore for the ones who hate me because of the word witch.

I’ve gone through a number of things in my past - I started off eclectic, then became a chaos witch (really not what it sounds like), and now am in a position after some life events where my beliefs about nature and the laws of the universe are infused in everything I do and say, but I no longer specifically ‘practice’. My life is my practice.

I recently attended the Pagan Federation Conference in Edinburgh, and it was wonderful - the first time I’d felt a community in a while. Up here, sadly, the ‘alternative’ community drives me mad - they’re mostly either charlatans, manipulative, viscious or using their practices as a way to avoid reality and taking responsibility for their own lives. I stopped going to any meets about 6 years ago cause they pissed me off so much. So the conference was a leap of faith for me, and one I’m really glad I took - it was a revelation. The leader was wearing jeans and a purple polo shirt with the logo on it, running around with a clipboard. It was fantastic - there were all kinds of people, dressed up, not dressed up, following all different paths, but all with the quiet peace that comes from knowing what path you’re on and happily discussing it without feeling the need to ‘fix’ everyone else or tell them what they’re doing wrong. People actually listened to each other instead of just waiting for a break in the conversation so they could talk again. We had discussions, rituals, workshops, lunch, comedy, music. It was one of the best days I’ve had in recent years. Coming so soon after the Beltane Fire Festival in Edinburgh it made for a good start to the year :slight_smile:

Beltane’s worth going to if you ever get a chance. 15 000 people crammed onto a hill in the centre of Edinburgh, while the story of Beltane is enacted in perfect choreography - the white women, the red men, the blue men, the May Queen, the Green Man, the drummers, the fire dancers. And the atmosphere is electric - whether people are there as Pagans or not, they’re celebrating the turning of the seasons, and it’s beautiful. It lasts till about 2 in the morning, with huge bonfires, the most incredible firedancing, and the white women are so eerie to watch. They move perfectly in tune with each other (one of my oldest friends is their coordinator :-)).

Anyway… Thanks to the non-pagans who’ve responded with such support on this thread - it means a lot to me, I’m sure to all of us, to have people understand. Everyone follows a different path, and to me, any connection to life, whether through religion, friends, work, craft or otherwise, is a path worth following. We can walk alongside each other for bits of our paths, and that’s what makes us strong. My favourite quotes from any pagan literature - ‘let there be mirth and reverence’, and ‘all acts of love and pleasure are my rituals’.

It’s hard enough being alive these days, there’s no need to make life difficult for those who are trying to find a way through and still trying to do some good in the world, and for me - as I tried to explain to one of the guys who was drawing on my door etc, I am a much better person as a pagan than I ever was as a Christian. That’s me - my path, no-one else’s. But I believe I honour the divine much more through making my life a good one, doing good things, being a good person, than by following any specific creed or book.

Anyway, that’s a few months worth of posts in one, I think, so I’ll leave it there :slight_smile:

Take care all,
Fi xxx

P.S. I totally agree about the fibers - while I prefer to knit with bamboo because I love the feel of it, it is in the intent behind it. If all you can afford is acrylic, or the only yarn that’s right for that pattern is acrylic, or you just really like the yarn - no big deal - as my bloke pointed out the other day - it was all natural matter a few million years ago. I have lots of acrylic - I’m allergic to animal based fibers, but also love the feel of some of them and the colours. If you are making with love and creation, then that’s all that matters.

I’ve been leaning towards paganism for a few years now ever since a good friend of mine declared me one after I explained some of my beliefs to her. I did some research and kind of fell into an area that I’m comfortable with. Oddly, each day I feel more and more grounded and the more I read about pagans the more I feel like part of the group.

I dunno if I’m pagan or what… looked into it and wicca, too, but have also read some on Native American beliefs, buddhism and taoism. So I guess my spirituality is a blend of all that. Definitely more of a nature based belief than gods, godesses and what have you…

Thanks, you just summed it up for me! I’m in the same mode you are.

Yes, that describes my beliefs too - but actually, most beliefs or religions have the same basic tenets/commandments.
To the original poster : have you seen the books by Tara Jon Manning, “Mindful Knitting” and “Compassionate Knitting” - they have wonderful tips on knitting and meditating (with patterns).
Please let’s start a mindful knitting group :grphug:… I would definitely join!!
lotsa love

I just wanted to ask if it would be alright if I occasionally post on your thread here since I am not a pagan… I especially would love to drop in when it turns into the fall season. I :heart::heart::heart: all the festivities around the fall season. I would :heart: to find out from you guys firsthand ( by lurking on this thread) about the differnet observances around the fall holidays… and get a little edumucated … about your traditons… if that would be ok…

lulu, We SHOULD start a mindful knitting group! How does one go about doing that?

aineepooh1, That is fine by me.

That would be great ainee, love to have you :slight_smile:

One of the things I’m liking about ravelry is there’s a few mindful knitting groups, but I hadn’t seen the books - am going to have to go track them down now grin

I’m also more nature/element based than gods and goddesses. I was for a while, a few years ago, but now I have a path I’m really comfortable with, and feel a deep peace from. It’s a long and quite complex story, which I won’t go into now, but my beliefs have always come from being a physicist.

Once you get past normal Newtonian physics, what else is out there, and in here, is radically different from what we think of as reality. I never, ever though there was something supernatural about magic - it’s totally natural, just stuff we don’t understand yet, and the more physics comes up with, the more the two align. It’s awe-inspiring and beautiful, and I loved studying theoretical Physics, and still read everything I can get my hands on. Science and magic are the same thing, to me. They always have been, and there are so many wonders the universe has yet to show us.

Fi xxx

By the way - I love the idea of the group - was thinking of ways to do it and I thought maybe I could set up a small Yahoo group for KH mindful knitters? I know there’s a few out there, but I often get a bit swamped by how big they are, so it may be a good idea for us to get to know each other as a small group and welcome other people into our midst as they join KH?

Any takers? :slight_smile:
Fi xxx

You will notice by the small number of posts under my name that I am very much a newbee on this board … but … what about we start a Knit Along ? Mmmm let’s think about this …:oo:

My path is a blend of pantheism and what I have retained from my years as a wiccan. A lot of my beliefs are science-based and I view my path as more of a philosophy than a religion because I don’t follow a particular Dogma or Diety. I honor the Universe and nature the way some people honor Gods. I find that, for my purposes, putting a name or label on the Divine limits it. I think that there is an energy in every living and non-living thing. I think that this energy has been around since the dawn of time ane before it. Personally, I see this energy in myself as that little sensation of radiance that seems to come from my chest when I am meditating or, in fact, any time that i take the time to notice it. You could call it life-force or energy or spirit or whatever. I don’t call it anything, really. It’s just there, and it’s in and around everything. That is what I worship.

That’s a GREAT idea. I could start setting it up now if you guys want.

ainee, ask away :slight_smile:

I love halloween, it’s my favorite holiday (obviously LOL). the weekend before, my tribe gets together to celebrate Winternights…

Oops, sorry Rhea - only just noticed your post - I’ve gone and made a group, figuring may as well and see if anyone wants to join, if you want to make a different one or something then that’s ok :slight_smile:

Here’s the one I made, just in case :