Any Ottawa-ites or Montréal-ites?

DH and I are going there last week of March. Could you tell me what is a must to hit up. Don’t forget the LYS’s. Any restaurant that is good local eatery that we should not miss out on?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m originally from Montreal, and was there a few years ago visiting family. We couldn’t find any yarn shops, although there MUST be some somewhere. Can’t help you with where to go or what to see, it’s been a while since I spent much time there.

Hi Dangles!

Montrealer here. :waving:

There are a few yarn shops that are pretty good. The two LYS I would recommend are Effiloche, on Saint-Hubert street and Mouline near the Atwater market (also nice to visit). There’s also a new LYS called Ariadne on Saint-Jacques street. I’ve never been there but it’s supposed to be great.

For food, in Montreal there are TONS of very good restaurants. “Local” Montreal food is a bit hard to define. It ranges from really traditional Quebec cuisine (not easy to find in restaurants) to French-inspired haute cuisine but using local products. And of course, there’s the famous Montreal bagels (Saint-Viateur bagels, for instance) and smoked meat sandwiches (a good place is Schwartz’s on Saint-Laurent). Maybe a good reference is Jeremy and Vinita’s guide. Jeremy is a prof at McGill, he’s not a “professional” food critic but he and his wife tried many many restaurants and they provide very good comments.

I think one place to visit would be Old Montreal (there are very good restaurants there, but pricey). There’s the Pointe-a-Callieres museum (for archeology and history) and there’s the science museum too. Other streets that are interesting to walk in Montreal are Saint-Laurent, Saint-Denis and Sainte-Catherine. Saint-Laurent is very important historically in Montreal. We call it “the Main” street, and represents very well the different communities we have (Greek, Portuguese, Jewish, etc.). You can do good shopping on Sainte-Catherine, West of Philip’s square. A little East of that, you have Place des Arts, and the Museum of contemporary arts. Saint-Denis, Mont-Royal (everything East of Saint-Laurent) is more French. There’s good shopping to do there too and many restaurants. The Museum of Fine Arts is on Sherbrooke street, close to McGill University’s campus. Chinatown is pretty cool too (and some restaurants are really good).

What else… If you look in tourist guides, you’ll probably find the Olympic Stadium. There’s not that much to see really (in my point of view), but the Biodome is near and that’s very interesting. And there’s the Casino too, if you’re in that sort of thing.

Well it’s all I can think of. :teehee: If you have questions, feel free to PM me! (and sorry for the very long post :shifty: )

Thank you for your post, although I was not looking for info. I might make it up to Mtl this summer, and will look up those stores. And I already have orders from friends for some bagels; there’s nothing like them.

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We’re going to be there for about three nights, as we will be in Ottawa first. Do you have a favourite restaurant you like to go to?