Any other person with an unsupportive spouse RE: sewing?

My significant other could do without it that I sew :scowling: . I really do sew a ton, I’ll concede that, however I likewise get all of the family stuff done, cook, and am a housewife. All I get is negative and derrogatory remarks from him. For example today I was remarking that I should attempt to restrict my TV and espresso admission and he said "And weaving… ". :rollseyes: So I said, perhaps you wouldn’t be so testy about it in the event that YOU enjoyed a side interest. To which he said, I’ll get a leisure activity when the children are more established :shock: . As though to say that my entire life and world ought to be committed to our two small children.

All I need to know is what’s going on with a homemaker enjoying a leisure activity that she LOVES, simultaneously not dismissing different things AND having a decent public activity with loads of companions, AND doing childcare two entire days seven days for an additional two year old (like I didn’t as of now have an adequate number of little children around here! :wink: ). Some way or another I feel like I’m being caused to feel remorseful for accomplishing something that I love. :scowling: What’s up with that???

Incidentally, in any case my significant other is incredible and extremely steady of all the other things however this…

Sounds like you need a conversation with your significant other. Is it the craft activities per se or would it be the same for any other hobby (e.g sport or music)?
If the relationship is otherwise good, you both need to understand your respective wants, needs and expectations. Don’t let it fester - it can be hard to pull back from polarised and entrenched positions! Good luck x

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