Any other clog virgins?

I figure with the gift giving seasons coming there may be some other knitters cutting thier teeth on clogs this year. Anyone else ready to take the plunge? I need to make one pair and see how it goes before I decide to make for the whole fam damily. (As my brother would say.)

I’m a clog virgin, and at this point really have no desire to change that :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve just finished one clog and couldn’t wait to finish the other one before I felted, so I felted the finished one and started the second one yesterday. My finished one turned out great and I’m planning on making lots more for Christmas gifts. I was like everybody else, thinking that the pattern was making no sense at all, but all of a sudden, I could see the clog taking shape. Really fun and quick. Keep the faith and follow the pattern.

/raise hand. I am a clog virgin. However I don’t have the time right now to take the plunge =( I really wanna make em I have the pattern and all!

I am working on my 5th pair. All of my family are getting them for Christmas.I love this pattern!!

I’ve never made any and I’ve been wanting to try them for over a year now - but I’ve got too many other projects waiting in line :verysad:

I’ve made two pair, and am working on a child’s pair now. That one is sucking a little as I don’t really have a small enough circular. Oh well, it’s still working. LOVE the pattern.

I’ve never make them, but it sounds like lots of fun :slight_smile:

I’m with you. :pout: too much other stuff, but i’m itching to start on my clogs. i’m just afraid that if i start something else, my sweater will never get done…

I have the pattern and I have yarn to make at least 4 pairs - didnt get to them last year at all. I think once I take the plunge I will be ok.

I’m making them for the first time! Make them with me!

I’m making them for the first time! Make them with me!

:pout: My name is Denise J and yes, I’m a clog virgin. :rofl: I’d love to try them, but I’m kinda afraid they’d turn out like my last pair of socks–WAY TOO BIG. :doh:

Well, the best part about that is that when you felt them, they shrink!!! and you can shrink them as small as you want!!!

Noo its ok because you shrink em in the hot water in the washing machine =D SHRINK TO FIT!

True, they shrink. BUT if its anything like my socks, that’s ALOT shrinking! :shock: My socks would fit a Sasquatch! :roflhard:

They do a LOT of shrinking. Look at people’s before and after felting pictures in the FT clogs thread!

Knit it! Knit it! Knit it!

I don’t have a clog pattern. :verysad:

:pout: Someone point me in the right direction.

Maybe we need a clog virgin KAL??? Maybe if I have some supprt/inspiration I can get going on these puppies!

I’ve always been tempted by the clogs… but I’m still scared! But then it dawned on my today that these would make a neat christmas gift for my mom & step dad. Hmmm…