Any one need a breast?

I was browsing through the Knitty Archives and I came across this:

Has anyone ever seen this? I thought it was the cutest thing ever. Since my mom had her right breast removed in Sept. I’ve been racking my brain for something fun and whitty to make her (we have a wacky relationship like that). She paid ALOT of money for her fake boobie, and to tell you the truth, it knida skeeers me :help: Its creepy looking, and I dont think she likes it all that much either (actually she never really wanted to get a new boob, but she thought it would look better at work if she had one). That and she is afraid of ruining it, like if one of the puppies gets a hold of it :shock:

Im gonna make my mom a couple of these so she doesnt have to deal with the creepy other one. Im thinking maybe Alpaca, or cashmere, or Mmmmalabrigo :cheering: I want her to to have something soft against her skin, and maybe I want a really good excuse to buy some good yarn :oops: Hey, she can appreciate that, she likes anything I knit no matter how ugly it is.

Im so thankful I have a mom that I can knit and joke with this about. I almost lost her and I know others arent as lucky as me. This was really a good idea for a knitted project.

Your mom will love it! This comming from someone who knit a uterus for her best friend when best friend had to have a hysterectomy…LMAO

I LOVE it…and it is a great idea for a gift for your mom.

I lost a friend to breast cancer (after having beat it twice and having a full hysterectomy at the age of 32 because of uterine cancer).

I think these are beautiful, clever and such a nice gift!


when I saw the post… I thought a CHICKEN breast??? :?? :roflhard:

I think the idea of a knitted boobie is just great~!! :roflhard: :cheering:
Maybe another reason mom doesn’t wear her prosthetic is that it may be COLD ot her skin… I get skeeered thinking about a cold boobie myself~!! :roflhard: :roflhard:

A knitted boobie would be SOFT and WARM and a little bit of her daughter’s love right next to her skin every day~!
:cheering: :cheering: for mom beating cancer~!!
:ick: :ick: @%!!!&% To Cancer~


I made a “pair” for a friend who had to have both breasts removed due to cancer. She LOVES them … much better than the “prescribed ones”. I also gave her the article about the lady who wrote the pattern and has the Tit Bits company. One suggestion … find out your mom’s bra size … buy her a new pretty bra and knit the “boob” to match and fit the bra.

I didn’t take a picture … but they turned out just like the picture on the pattern, and they were an easy knit. I also made a matching “bag” to put them in :slight_smile:

I have another friend whose mother is having the same surgery this week and just asked for her favorite color :slight_smile:

Jax, you knitted a uterus :rofl: ? Thats awesome!!

My mom also lost her uterus to cervical canser 13 years ago, so maybe she would like a uterus to match her breast :roflhard: :cheering: She would get the biggest kick out of that!! She feels like sometimes she is missing all her girlie parts and feels funny, now I can knit her some so she can have them back, and even carry them with her when she feels the need.