Any one from arcata ca

I want to know if there are any knitters on this site from my area

:cheering: Arcata!! My hometown!! I am not there currently, right now I am in San Diego County but will be moving to New Jersey in a couple of weeks. I wish that I would have discovered knitting when I was there, but it is nice to see someone from there on this great site. There is a knitting group that meets in The Plaza Grill Thursdays at 7 pm. There is a blog if you want to check it out, It looks like there is also knitting going on at The Placebo if you are into that too.

Good luck in finding more Arcata Knitters out there!

Thanks for the info

There is also a new store in Mckinleyville called Hand Made memories
she has a website thats where I found this forum

I am in Eureka. Do you know of any knitting groups that meet? I have been knitting for a few years but still consider myself a beginner. I have done scarfs, a bag and have been working on a sweater for a year and a half. I havent had much time but would love to find a group to knit with.

Okay, I’m from southern CA, but when I glanced at the title I swear I thought it said ANTARCTICA!