Any Ohio knitters out there?

I’m in the Columbus area, and while we have some great LYSs in the area with sit n knit groups, most don’t fit into a work schedule. I mean, I’d LOVE to be able to sit n knit on a Friday morning, 10 till noon, but I gotta work. <sigh>

Anyone interested in a weeknight or weekend sit n knit?

I’ve had all my shots, and only bite when provoked! :wink:

What part of columbus are you in? I’m in Columbus too, near Canal Winchester.

I just got married ( :smiley: ) and bndh and I live in Westerville, easy access to 270 which means, not far from most anywhere in town. I’m also newer to OH, only came to Columbus about 2 years ago, and the suburbs still confuse me! Is CW down on the southeast or southwest side?

What’s your fav LYS??? I shop at Knitter’s Mercantile in Graceland. The people are great and have taught me everything I know beyond the knit stitch. (Just like giving the first bag of crack for free!!) I’ve been to the Yarn Shop a few times, and there’s a quilting place up on 161 near 71 that has a bit of yarn, mostly novelty stuff. They have a sit n knit twice a month, but you have to PAY for it! <rolls eyes> (Isn’t adding to your stash everytime you’re there ENOUGH???) Most of the other sit n knits I know of are during the day. Of course, I also do the desperate run to Jo’s, HL, Mike’s, or even Meijer if I just HAVE to have something right NOW!

Anyhoo, nice to meet another Columbusite! :slight_smile:

When we moved here from WV our first apt was in Canal Winchester… not being use to big cities though we moved and now dh makes the 1.5hr drive to Gahanna and then back home… just so I can have my farm house :lol: it must be love… I don’t get to Columbus very often prolly been a year now or I’d love to join… I’ve been trying to get the LYS to do something like that here…

I grew up in the country and miss parts of it. I’d love to be somewhere that I can grow a few veggies, have some chickens, maybe a llama or two. BNDH grew up in the country, too, but hated the middle of nowhere effect. So I don’t see a pet llama in my future. <sigh> “But, honey, think of all the money I’d SAVE on yarn!!!” tee hee (And all the money I’d SPEND on spinning equipment, dyes, and oh yeah, the llama has to eat!!!)

I really like Canal Winchester because it’s surrounded by corn but very close to the city. (But not toooo close…) I’ve lived here for 4 years now and have never had any trouble. I live in an apartment here.

I like the Yarn Shop in Pickerington. But I did drive up to their bigger store off of Kenny road and loved it and LOVED the lady that worked there! She was very helpful and friendly and knowledgable! I haven’t visited any others but I know there are several yarn stores around town! I haven’t gone to any of the sit and knits yet because…quite frankly, I’m very shy! What if they don’t like me…what if they get offended when I bring my cheap yarn in…that sort of thing! I would love to though, to meet other knitters and get tips, all that fun stuff. But…bashfulness has won out so far.

NIM… who wouldnt love YOU??? :heart: :heart: :heart:

Nimmie, I’m very shy too… you should have seen what my dh and mom had to do to get me to my first class at the LYS… my mom when she was up even paid for the class and then told me cause she knew I would feel bad if I didn’t show up lol… DH just knew I had to go to get out of our house so he held my hand and gave me a push into the shop lol…I can post and post on the internet cause its not face to face… but you put in those situations and I get all tongue tied and red :lol: they were so welcoming though and so friendly it was easy for me to get over it… I’m sure the groups are the same… ya just need a push like I had lol…

It was always confusing where we lived cause we lived on the CW border… our address was for CW but Pickerington was right there… thats where we shopped but then there was no yarn shops… I think our apt complex was called Colony bay?? we lived so close to the train tracks our windows rattled lol and ya never knew what would fall off the walls LOL… my dh still misses the area and would love for me to say lets go back… Sometimes I do miss being closer to shops… no meijers here or Joanns… or Hobby Lobby…or target… and dh misses the 1/2 price book store that sat just down the road… we would also go thorugh BKing and then go to the airport and watch the planes take off… good memories :thumbsup:

I grew up in Hilliard, just outside Columbus. For the last 8 years I’ve lived in Raleigh, NC, but just moved back this weekend. In fact, the movers are unloading our stuff as I type. I’m at my mom’s house catching up on the KH Forum!

I went weekly to a Stitch 'n Bitch in Raleigh that was held at Caribou Coffee on Thursday nights from 7:30-10:00 (at night). Raleigh’s SnB locations meet weekly rather than monthly like most groups, so I’ve been a very lucky knitter! Before moving, I went to Yahoo Groups and looked up SnB groups in Columbus. I found two: one in Pickerington and one called SnB West in Grandview. The one in Grandview meets at Caribou Coffee, although the latest email said that tonight’s meeting (7/11/06) would be at a conference room at the Hilltop Library on Hague Avenue. I can’t make it, obviously, since I’m in the middle of moving. But, I’ll probably try the next one in August. They meet once a month. I also found a “knitting moms” groups near Clintonville, but it looked defunct online.

I’ve been to The Yarn Shop at Kenny Center on Kenny Rd during one of my visits home and liked it. It’ll be closest to where I live (Upper Arlington). I haven’t been to the one in Pickerington, nor have I been to the Knitter’s Mercantile. I’ve heard there’s a shop in Dublin on High Street (the old Dublin area) and my mom says there’s a small shop in my hometown of Hilliard. So, I’m sure that I’ll be checking all of these out over this summer!! :inlove:

OOooohhh! Great idea. I may check out the Grandview SnB, too!

Oh, you HAVE to go to Knitter’s Merc, that’s “my” store, and everyone there is GREAT!!!

Welcome back to OH!!!

how did I not notice this thread earlier? I live in Dublin. I’m a regular at both Temptations (LYS in old downtown Dublin) and at the Yarn Shop in Kenny Center. My kids refer to them as “mommy’s toy stores”…LOL

between my kids and me working on the weekends, I’ve never been able to fit in a sit n’ knit. Knitting help forums and craftster forums are my knitting groups…lol

Temptations! What a lovely, APPROPRIATE name for a LYS!!! I must go check them out, maybe this weekend…

I understand not having time for a sit n knit. I only have bndh, dc (cat), and work, and I barely find time to knit! I can’t imagine what I’ll be like once I become a mommy!

Is this all of us??

No other Central Ohioans in here?