Any new KALs?


I don’t mind trying this and that! I’ve learned some hard lessons over the past few years about yarn choice! Especially so when I’m “substituting”, veering away from the yarn used in the model project.

Using a similar “weight”, and achieving the correct gauge, is only half the battle!

I’ve got some unwearable stinkers in my sweater room. :pout:

And that doesn’t count the sweaters I’ve given away because the sweater stretched and became too long for me! Ha Ha!

That’s exactly what happened with my Noro Silk Garden coat! And now I’ve finally reclaimed all the yarn (aka " frogged")…and knit Every Last Inch into a Log Cabin Squares Blanket!

I refused to give away my favorite Noro colorway! :frog:

I haven’t given up on Chevron Sands. But I know I need to purchase the right yarn for it. So looked around on WEBS and Jimmy Beans and Knit Picks… but didn’t find anything that jumped off the page.

I adore your color combo, even with the deeper saturation. But I’d need a warmer color combo. I don’t wear blue much. Maybe a variegated Rose/Pink/Beige/Tan colorway coupled with a solid that complements. The variegated being the first 12", followed by using the solid. But I think the last 12" would be the opposite: the solid.

So that’s where my head’s at. I’ll keep my Yarn Radar tuned in! :figureditout:

Do most of your LYS KAL knitters view this “wrap” as an over-sized scarf really? It’s a fine line, isn’t it? [B]Is it a small wrap, or a wide scarf?[/B]

I’m knitting two “Wheaten” pieces right now. One uses dk tweed. The other aran silky tweed. It’s from the BrooklynTweed Collection. But it was very hard to decide upon the cast on number of stitches! The pattern has so many “uses” put forth that I had a hard time visualizing my goal! (bechamel beige) (leafy green)


That Wheaton is very pretty!

It does seem like most will be using it as a scarf. The sample looks more like a scarf and because its knit with fingering weight it’s not bulk. I like the idea of shawls and wraps, but don’t wear them.

When we are all done we are going too hang them in the store to show off the different colors and fibers. There’s quite a variety. And you know, I usually wear warmer colors and almost went with pink and brown, but then the aqua called to me. It told me to step outside my comfort zone so I did. :teehee:

Ugh, yes. I’ve got several things that need to either be frogged or finished. I could recover so many sets of needles! I’ve also got a sweater that just never really fit right. I won’t bother frogging it though.

It’s the blanket finished?



The 20 squares are knit and blocked to 13" x 13". I haven’t seamed them.

I’ve had projects (WIPS) finishing up, blocking, etc…so I’ve just got to lay them all out on the carpet, number them so i can remember who seams next to who…then the fun & simple part: 3 needle bindoff/seaming! Then the attached icord edging all 'round.

I have a few sweaters that need to be frogged, the yarn reclaimed…but I’ll only go to the trouble [B]if[/B] the yarn is worth it: 1) the color is worth reclaiming, 2) the yarn isn’t beat up with pills, etc., 3) the yardage is significant.

I frogged another Noro Silk Garden sweater in January, too. The colorway is fantastic, and I hardly wore it. I botched either my gauge, or my “correct size”…but the result was a sweater that was as wide as a house. Grrr.

My Fitzmaurice is now rolled up in a dozen balls! I can’t settle on a pattern for it. :pout: But the hard part is done…disassembling all the seams, frogging and winding!

One blessing about Noro Silk Garden: it responds to felted joins superbly, so I had no trouble frogging! No woven ends where I joined a new skein! :wink: