Any new free pattern website?


anyone find any [size=6]new website [/size]on knitting pattern lately ? i will share when i find some okie… happy knitting

We’ve always been of the understanding that posting full copyrighted patterns here is a violation of the copyright laws, so we’re careful about that.

I’d think that exchanging copies of patterns from books and pamphlets might also be a violation. :thinking:

ok… sorry about that … how do i remove it then ?

i don’t post it here but just exchange thru email file …issit ok then ???

When you buy a book of patterns, I believe it’s a violation if you even just make a copy of a pattern and give it to someone else. It’s ok to make a copy for your personal use–as from the library, or to have a copy to carry around, but I don’t think you can just share. People do, all the time, of course, and the copyright police don’t come knocking, but I’d be concerned for Amy to use the forum as a ‘contact’ place.

There’s no need to remove the post, and I certainly know your intentions were good. It would be fun to be able to just share patterns. I don’t want to this site to get in trouble for promoting it, though. See what I mean?

okie… i mean i don’t want to violate the law… thks though :muah: