Any Mississippi knitters out there?

Hey ya’ll!

Back at ya !

I’m in North Central Ms.

Hey there!

Central MS here!

I live just over the border in Memphis.

I just got the word from my DH who is in Jackson MS right now on a job interview. He got the job. We MIGHT be moving by the end of school to Madison. Was just looking on here to see if any of KH people lived in the area.

Not very many, but a few! I live aboyut 30 minutes from Madison myself.

Hello New Neighbors.

I just got back from Visiting The Capital area. We checked out Madison, Brandon and Flowood area, and the school. My DD liked Northwest school. and we found couples of neighborhoods. So looks like we are going to be living in Flowood. The Neighbor are called Cottonwoods and Meadowland. We are waiting on the end of school, Hope to find house by then. Don’t know when DH will start working there. Too many question and I know time will go by fast.

I am new to this area. I was wonder ing if there are any knitters out there who would like to form a meet-up group :grphug: to share skills and techniques:knitting: ?

I’m in Columbus! I just met up with a couple of friends at Yarns Downtown on the 3rd of November!!

We should get together!!

That’d be great, but where?

I don’t know…I met some fellow crochet friends here in Columbus at Yarns Downtown. One was from the Jackson area and another was from Stewart…

Hey! I’m in Terry. We have a group of people from the Ravelry board who are going to meet up on Dec 8 from 1 - 3 at the Knit Studio. If any of you are interested…come knit with us!


I will be coming to the Jackson area Next week. Not to sure of the dates, maybe Thursday 3rd, tho the 5th- Saturday.
Is the new knitting store open yet? Don’t know the name of it but it is where the old one was?:think:

I only know of KnitWits in Jackson, but I didn’t know about any other yarn shops. There are a few chain craft stores, but I hear KW is great.

I am new to posting and a beginner knitter. I was wondering if there were knitters in the Meridian - Quitman area.