Any manicurists?

In the early 90s I discovered acrylics. Had a fave manicurist and indulged that guilty pleasure as I could afford it then. But some yrs ago I felt it was time to give my nails a break, save the expense and eventually decided to do my own but only the nails that needed it. I have one nail with a genetic split and then there’s the occasional break. (I just like them all to look the same once polished.)

It’s certainly simple enough to do. I have my acrylic powder, liquid and a good brush and most times the acrylic holds as the nail grows out. BUT, on occasion, I’ll do an acrylic…same process I do every time…and within a day or two the entire acrylic pops off. ARGH! I presume there are mitigating factors…guessing temp, humidity, cleanliness of the nail, ratio of powder to liquid, etc? But I’m curious to know if there’s a culprit I might not be aware of. It’s really frustrating when it looks SO good and then POOF. (That happened last fall as I was carrying my suitcase up some stairs in an airport as I was heading out of town. One acrylic went flying…but the others held fine. Grr. The nails were supposed to look good for a week but that one didn’t even last a day.)