Any mac users out there?

Anyone? I’m working on some images on photoshop and there is this message popping up that my scratch disk is full. I went online for help and did everything all the forums said to no avail. Any ideas?

I use a mac, but I haven’t ever had that problem. I would suggest that you try clearing your memory or have fewer images open at once

Photoshop uses the free space on your hard drive as it’s memory. If you don’t have enough room on your hard drive to perform an operation in Photoshop then you will get the message that your scratch disk is full. Photoshop creates very large temporary files while performing certain actions and if you shut it down improperly or your computer crashes, it leaves large temp files that will take up space on your hard drive.

You can assign another disk other than your hard drive as your scratch disk or free up space on your hard drive to help it run better.

Thisarticle explains it well. So does this.

Yes, we cleared everything off the computer, emptied the trash, and even got the photoshop images off the computer (flash drive).
Still, the message pops up. I read the articles you linked (thanks for those). I might try this download on the Adobe site for adjusted refresh plug in. Although, I don’t know if that is something that would fix the problem or is more preventative.
I think we may need to defragment the hard drive.
I love computers, until they stop working…

And people wonder why I use Linux.

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Oh, and I was sure out of everybody that you could offer me some advice, Mason.

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The message you’re getting indicates that you don’t have enough spare disk space for temporary files. You need to free up disk space by deleting all .tmp files.

Another option, assuming you have deleeted everything you can and still don’t have enough free space, is to get an external drive and change the psp settings to use that for the scratch disk.

So, defragmenting the hard drive won’t do anything?
We cleaned everything off the computer. I’m pretty sure she (my mom) tried switching what is the scratch disk, but maybe we’ll try that again.
Apparently, this happens often to people who use Photoshop.
As far as I can tell, it’s more of a photoshop problem than a mac or pc problem.

Photoshop used to be notorious for saving files in fragments all over the hard drive. Defragging the hard drive can’t hurt, as far as I know.

What kind of computer do you have and what system are you running? What version of PS are you using? Are you at least using CS2? I haven’t had file fragmenting problems with PS in years and I use it every day.

As for removing .tmp files on a Mac, they are (to my understanding) transparent files that should be removed on a daily basis by the system. You can change the script for that action but that will only affect the time of day that your computer performs the script. See here.

Do you have a program like Norton’s Disk Doctor? Running that or a similar diagnostic program may help you clear up some issues.

Ok, I knew there was more to this so I checked out Adobe’s website. Here’s a link to possible solutions, some of which I think you may have already tried.

This is the one that popped out at me:

[B]Adjust the percentage of memory used by Photoshop.[/B][ol]
[li]Choose File > Preferences > Memory & Image Cache.[/li][li]In the Physical Memory Usage section, change the Used By Photoshop setting to 75%, and then click OK.[/li][li]Restart Photoshop.[/ol]You may have plenty of room on your hard drive now that you have deleted files and cleaned up a bunch of stuff. But now you tell PS to use more physical memory. If my (failing) memory serves me correctly, in many cases this is what fixed that issue for me when it arose.[/li]
Also, make sure you empty your trash. I think lots of temporary files end up there and if you don’t physically empty the trash all that stuff just sticks around.

This is the listof stuff Adobe came up with when I searched “scratch disk.” just in case the problem isn’t covered under the first link.

Upping the memory usage will cause PS to write to the disk less often, but be aware that it will also reduce your ability to multi-task while usingPS.

Emptying the trash is an excellent suggestion. Until you do all those files are still taking up space.

A defrag is a good idea and something you should be doing on a regular basis if the file system requires that. I am not totally familiar with the Mac’s file system but being as the OS is Unix/BSD based I would presume that it doesn’t need to be defragged just as Unix and Linux systems don’t.

One other thing that should help is shutting down all programs that you don’t actually need while using PS. This will free up additonal resources.

First of all, thank you so much for all your advice. :hug:
We tried that: changing the memory to 75%. It didn’t help.
My mom has a mac ibook. It 2 years old. She’s using Photoshop CS.
Oh, and her OS is OS 10.4 something…
We tried everything else. Mason (knitting guy) suggested changing the scratch disk to an external drive. It didn’t help.
The trash is empty.
I guess that there is nothing left to do but try Disk Doctor or even idefrag.
Thanks again for all you help. My mom looked at me funny when I said I would post her mac problem on my knitting forum.
Thanks for reaffirming my point that KH’ers are awesome.

If changing the scratch disk to an empty external drive of decent size didn’t help something is seriously wrong.

Yes, she is afraid that it is. Nothing like this has ever happened.
We’ll try the Norton Disk Doctor and go from there. Thanks again for all your help. :hug:

One more thing: The computer works. It’s just when she tries to use PS that this happens. Do maybe whatever is wrong isn’t as bad as if it had stopped working altogether.

It could be that the problem is only showing when using PS because it’s such a resource intense application. If the disk analysis software doesn’t reveal a problem I’d use diagnostic software to test the physical memory.

There is a program you can download called Memtest that you can use to test the memory for problems.

One more thing, I promise:

She’s using Photoshop CS (there is now a CS 2 and CS 3). And she only has 512 mb of memory. Would putting more memory in do anything in the future?

And my mom says thank you for all your help.
She’s not a knitter (I tried to teach her, it didn’t stick).

She should upgrade to new version and by all means add some more RAM to that machine. The more the better. Find out how much RAM it will support and max it out to that. The difference will be amazing.

My dh and I just bought a macbook last weekend. It came with 1gb
and we upgraded to 2gb. We gave my mom the memory we pulled out. We are just unsure if it will work on her computer. We are headed to the CompUSA in town to ask the Apple Consultant there.
And buy Norton Disk Doctor.

I would bet that RAM is an issue, if not the issue. I have 1.5 GB of RAM on my iMac and I’ve never had a problem with PS CS2.

There is an Activity Monitor on the system and that may help you diagnose whether you have enough RAM on your system when you open PS.

But these days 512 MB is not very much RAM.

I remember when I had one of my first Macs with a whopping 40 MB hard drive and maybe 2 to 4 MBs of RAM.

Ooops, dating myself here :aww: